4 Tips for How to Sell Items Fast on eBay

eBay sell faster
There are strategies to selling items quickly on eBay. Getty Images

Selling on eBay isn't an exact science, but there are a few things sellers can do to speed the process along. Time is money with reselling, so anything that a seller can do to encourage faster sales is a plus. Here are a few tips for 

Take Several Clear Photos

It is very important that the buyer see exactly what they are buying so there is no confusion. eBay suggests 8-12 photos per listing so that that the buyer can see all sides of the item, the details of the item, and exactly what they are buying.

Also, one of the photos will be designated as the gallery photo and will show up as the photo the buyer sees when searching for the item. The objective is to have an outstanding photo so that when buyers see your item compared to other sellers' items, competitively, yours will look superior to others and the buyer will (hopefully) choose your listing. Check out eBay's tutorial on photo best practices

Describe the Item Thoroughly  So the Buyer Doesn't have to Ask Questions

The objective is to think ahead and anticipate what the buyer will ask. Because, if the buyer has to ask questions, two things might happen:

  1. The buyer may not take the time to reach out and message you for further details, and may move on to the next seller's item.
  2. The buyer may message you and ask, but keep looking for another comparable item while he waits for you to answer, and you could lose the sale.
  3. The buyer may message you and ask, but you may not be near your inventory at the time and not be able to respond until later, and lose the sale.

    It is important to think through any question the buyer may ask, or any detail the buyer may be interested in such as:

    • Measurements
    • Weight
    • Material - what it is made of
    • Where it was made
    • Age of the item
    • Countries you ship to

    As you become more experienced with your eBay business, you will improve at knowing what details to put in your listing.

    If you are unsure about what information to include, look at major retailer websites like Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, Home Depot, or Toys R Us, and see what details they include. 

    Use the Best Offer Feature

    One way to sell items quickly is to accept offers from buyers. Some buyers won't even click on a listing unless it has the Best Offer feature, so by not including it, you are missing buyers right off the bat. Other buyers always submit an offer and will never pay full price. By not being willing to negotiate, you are missing opportunities. Some cultures always negotiate when making a purchase, so that is part of their buying procedure to haggle or negotiate.

    Also, don't use the auto-decline feature. Whenever you set a threshold for an automatic decline, you will not be notified of any offers even one penny below that threshold. For example, if you have an item priced at $40 and set an auto-decline of $32, if a buyer makes an offer of $31.75, you won't see it and you won't be able to accept it. Always counteroffer. The buyer may be testing the seller to see if they are using auto-decline of if a human is evaluating the offers. eBay allows the buyer to make 3 offers on one item within a 30-day timeframe.

    Many times, an item will sell after offering and counter offering back and forth a few times. 

    Don't do Auction Style Listings

    Understand that buyers are in a hurry. Delayed gratification seems to be a thing of the past. Auction style listings force the buyer to wait until the auction is over to pay for the item, and for it to be shipped. Get time more sales faster means having all inventory available to be purchased at any time. Don't expect buyers to wait until an auction is over, because many won't. They may move on to another seller who has the item available on Buy It Now and can ship the item immediately.

    Revised by Suzanne A. Wells September 30, 2017.