Landing Page Optimization Holds the Key to Ecommerce Success

Understand the Importance of Landing Page Optimization and Win the Game

Landing Page Optimization
Landing Page Optimization. pagadesign / E+ / Getty Images

At a conservative estimate, there must be at least 10,000 online articles that advise you on landing page optimization. I must have read at least a 100 myself. So what would be my motivation of writing yet another one? Well, to begin with, those 10,000+ online articles do not seem to have done the trick as I still find innumerable ecommerce websites that still seem to ignore even the basic optimization suggestions.

What's the Big Deal With This Landing Page Optimization Thing?

Even at the risk of repeating the obvious, the more valuable prospects visit your ecommerce website by landing on pages that you had not expected. If you advertise on Google Adwords or Facebook, you can control the page visitors land on when they click your ad. But what about all those visitors that are coming in from search engines, comparison engines, organic web links, and shared URLs? Those are prospects discovering your website, and hence extremely valuable. What if the page they land on sucks big time? That's why landing page optimization is such a big deal.

The Difference Between an Optimized Landing Page and One That Isn't?

  • The optimized landing page is pleasing to look at.
  • The unoptimized page is confusing and doesn't guide the visitor about what to do next.
  • The optimized landing page has information about the product that the visitor is interested in.
  • The unoptimized landing page doesn't seem to have a call to action at all.
  • The unoptimized landing page seems to shout, "I do not care what you want me to tell you. This is what I want to tell you. Take it or leave it." (Note: prospects leave it!)
  • The optimized landing page has a background engine that uses behavioral data and analytics. It analysis your clickstream and several other signals to figure out how to serve you best. It uses a data-driven strategy to lower the bounce rate.
  • ... and much more. But you get the idea.

The 7 Pillars of a Great Landing Page: Design, Navigation, Relevance, Copy, Images, Call-to-Action, and Trust.

The design of the landing page should be such that it pleases you to look at it. The colors and fontography look professional. The layout is clutter free. But that's not all. You need to ensure that the prospect can navigate around your webpage and website. Of course, if the webpage wasn't relevant to begin with, the battle was lost before it began. And one of the easiest ways of indicating relevance it to have the correct copy and an attractive image. There must absolutely be a call-to-action button that prods the user along the purchase path. All of this when done right would help build the trust and confidence necessary for a prospect to transact on your online store.

What Was That Again?

If there were 10,000 articles on landing page optimization earlier, now there are 10,001. Isn't that enough to drive home the point that you better get your act together. My objective in writing this article has been to address the audience that still needs to get their basics right. Once that is in place, it is a rinse and repeat process as you test new versions of your landing page to pursue the never-ending journey of optimization.