Three Growing Fields In Freelance Writing

person using laptop and tablet

Are you ready to leave behind cheap blog posts and mind-numbing content mill work? Do you want to boost your income? Since we can’t create more hours in the day, one of the best ways to better ourselves, our writing and our income is to focus on the more lucrative and in-demand fields in freelance writing.

Here’s a look into the fields that seem to pay well and tend to consistently need writers.

Online Content for Content Marketing

Businesses, organizations and websites need content for their websites, blogs and social media sites.

This means that they need text that both helps and interests their potential clients, but also subtly sells their product, or at least makes their customers likely to remember them, should they need that product or service in the future.

This content takes the form of short articles, helpful emails, newsletters, stories, social media paragraphs and etc. Freelance writers are needed to produce such content, and it is often needed in bulk. Sometimes, this is contracted as an ongoing, long-term relationship. Often, the freelance writer may not even work for the primary product or business, but for their marketing agency, or the company that manages their website.

Sales and Marketing Letters

If you’re a persuasive writer, this is the job for you! Writing sales letters that push a potential customer to buy or sign up for a service has been around for a long time, and never seems to go out of style!

Whether it’s a physical sales letter, or, more recently, the front/landing page of a website, this content is always in demand. This is an industry that continues to boom, meaning more money is being passed around, and more money lands in your hand!

Social Media Writing

Although this may fall under the purview of content marketing, above, it very often functions as a standalone job/project.

Many organizations, websites and companies employ freelance writers to craft engaging, shareable pieces for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. These are often shorter pieces, but they need to be engaging and able to hold the attention of people who are scrolling. If you think you can do that, then this job is one you should look into!

Look, many of us want to write poetry and expound long opinion pieces on whatever captures our attentions—I get it— but the key to making more money as a freelancer is to go where the business is. Hopefully, this look into three growing fields has revealed a pathway for you or piqued your curiosity about a new writing arena. Follow up!