Thomas Kenny

Bonds, Investing
Partner and Co-Founder, Boston Investor Communications Group
Boston College Carrol School of Management, Boston College


  • Investing expert who began working in the finance industry more than 25 years ago
  • Co-founder and Partner at Boston Investor Communications Group
  • Former assistant vice president at Scudder Investments


Thomas Kenny is a financial writer with decades of experience writing about bonds, stocks, currencies, and other asset classes. He began his career helping investors as a phone representative at Scudder Investments, a major U.S. mutual fund company. He then moved to the fixed income trading desk, and then to the marketing department as a communications manager.

In 2002, Thomas co-founded Boston Investor Communications Group, a firm that provides customized financial writing and marketing services to mutual fund complexes and other investment industry providers.


Thomas has a bachelor's degree in political science and an MBA, both from Boston College. He also studied for his Certified Financial Planner certification through a program at Boston University.