Day in the Life of a Pilot: 9 Very Real Things Pilots Say

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Commuting

Pilot at airport
Pilot at airport. Getty/Thomas Barwick

On commuting:

"I'm stuck at the airport. Again. The next flight home is in another 12 hours. Guess I'll miss your birthday. Again. 

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Sim Training

Pilots in simulator
Pilots in simulator. Getty/sorbetto

 On sim training:

"Sorry I didn't have time to call. I've been in simulator training all day. I probably won't be able to call tomorrow, either." 

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Sitting Reserve

Pilot schedule
Pilot schedule. Getty/Bob Peterson

On sitting reserve:

"I won't make it home for Christmas. Or our anniversary. Or that family vacation we planned. I'll just be sitting right here... on reserve." 

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Flying the Line

Airport food. Getty/Gaku Takahashi

On flying the line:

"Yes, I really did eat McDonald's three times in one day. And Starbucks. No, they aren't fraudulent charges..." 

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Scheduling

pilot schedule
Getty/Justin Horrocks

On early/late show times:

"Yes, I really do have to get up at 3 a.m. Again. I'll try not to wake the baby." 

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Jet Lag

Airline pilot sleeping
airline pilot sleeping. Getty

 "I'm too tired to FaceTime. I'll talk to you in a few days." 

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Relationships

Pilot and flight attendant
pilot and flight attendant. Getty/Westend61

 On relationship problems:

"No, I'm not cheating on you. Hanging out with crew members at the hotel bar is totally normal and doesn't mean I'm hooking up with all of the flight attendants."

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Returning Home

Time. Getty/The Image Bank

On the return home:

"Can I just have an hour to myself before you throw the honey-do list at me?"

Day in the Life of a Pilot: Traveling the World

Man on beach
Man on beach. Getty/Caroline von Tuempling

On the perils of traveling the world: 

"It's just no fun without you. The weather sucks. The other crew members are boring. The food is terrible..."