Theresa Phillips

Dr. Theresa Phillips has a broad background in a number of different areas of biotechnology and biomedical research, including having worked for two relatively small biotech companies in the environmental remediation industry. As a research scientist and project manager for a typical startup biotech, she has experienced first hand the progressive business development and the diverse responsibilities of those adventurous enough to take on a role in a startup.


Theresa has over 12 years experience in the biotechnology industry, in both biomedical and environmental areas. Her M.Sc. thesis project studied the mutagenic effects of nitroaromatic compounds, potent human carcinogens. Her Ph.D. work coincided with a position as project manager for benchscale studies in soil bioremediation at Adventus Remediation Technologies, ON, CA. Her doctoral thesis work involved studying bioremediation of a soil containing high concentrations of Lindane and related chlorinated compounds and included work on the isolation and characterization of a pesticide-degrading microorganism, gene probing, cloning and expression studies and enzyme assay development. Subsequent Post-Doctoral projects were in areas of both biomedical research at the London Regional Cancer Centre, ON, CA, and envronmental molecular genetics, at KAM Biotechnology in BC, CA.


B.Sc., Biology and Chemistry, majoring in Toxicology and Biochemistry.

M.Sc., Biochemistry and Toxicology.

Ph.D., Environmental Biology.

Theresa Phillips

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