There is no Shade in Sales

Nowhere to Hide

••• There is no shade for those in sales. Thomas Phelps

People who choose a career in sales must love the spotlight. Having all eyes focused on them and all ears attentively in tune to every word that falls from their lips. While sales professionals are certainly not all extroverted, overly gregarious or the proverbial "life of the party," they all experience an utter lack of shade when it comes to their professional lives.

The Heartbeat of a Company

Every company is dependent on sales.

Though they may not have a structured sales department, in order for them to bring in revenue, someone or some company has to give them money in exchange for whatever product or service they provide. Without sales, a terrible thing happens: Nothing!

If sales are weak or slow, the entire company suffers. When sales are pumping, every part and department of the company is alive is activity. While this reality may be more easily seen in traditional sales companies, it is true across every company. Sales is the heart that pumps revenues to the rest of the organization. Stop sales and the organization dies.

All Eyes Are on You

Whether non-sales employees realize it or not, their jobs depend on you doing yours. If you, as a sales professional, fail to deliver your budget, and your failure is repeated enough times, positions will be cut.

A company with weak sales can simply not sustain a workforce that was designed to support a sales staff delivering a higher than realized revenue stream.

In other words, not only does your position depend on your results, but so do the positions of others.

There is no shade in sales!

The Weakest Link

Just like a chain, a sales department is only as strong as its weakest link. In sales, the weakest link is the under-performing, under-achieving sales professional, who, for a variety of reasons, is not delivering the expected results.

For the sales professional who finds himself in this unenviable position, the lack of shade is probably abundantly obvious. The sales professional who finds herself in this position often should either consider a different occupation or will be forced to find a different occupation.

Your job is to never allow yourself to be anywhere near the bottom percentage of your sales team. While no sales position offers shade, being in the bottom 10 to 20% of a sales team is like living on Mercury! You will never be far from your sales manager's or sales director's gaze.

A Break From the Sun

Even those who love the spotlight need time away. Time when no one is analyzing or judging their every move. For sales professionals who want to enjoy this lack of constant exposure, the only path to take is to the top. Shade, in the form of respect, trust and privileges, are awarded to those sales professionals who have earned the right to enjoy the only form of shade afforded to those in sales.

To get to this place takes dedication, a commitment to training, mastering each step in the sales cycle and personal motivation.

Shade is Better Reserved for Others

If you would rather not experience the constant pressure of having to perform: If knowing that other people's jobs depend on you doing yours: If you would rather go unnoticed: Then a career in sales is probably not the best career choice you could make.

While many people have tried sales, few have made sales a career. For those that have and who have made the decision to constantly improve their skills, seeking shade was probably never one of their intentions. Instead, successful sales professionals understand the importance of their position in a company, embrace the responsibility and earn the many rewards that accompany a career in sales.