Theater Curriculum Vitae Example

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The following is an example of an international curriculum vitae (CV) for a theater professional.

International Theater Curriculum Vitae

Name: Judy Tan
Race: Chinese
Ethnic Group: Teochew
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, some local dialects
Education: Bachelor of Arts (English Language Studies/Drama Studies) University of Queensland, Australia, ABRSM Music Theory Grade 3 and 5
Telephone: +1111111111
Email Address:

Performing History

19XX – 19XX

  • Took courses in Theatre Studies and Drama program at Victoria Community College, including Shakespeare Today, Set and Sound, and Community Theater
  • Assistant stage manager in production under Dramaplus Arts, script by Jonathon Lim and directed by Roger Jenkins

20XX – 20XX

  • Majored in Drama Studies at University of Queensland, taking courses in Theater Survey, Performance Concepts, Advanced Acting and Scene Study, and more
  • Received Martin Mahy Award for Excellence in Drama Studies, 20XX
  • Co-wrote and performed in an award-winning University production about Pauline Hanson's political campaign
  • Scripted and directed a 20-min play about genetic engineering for University's genetic engineering international conference
  • Enrolled in physical theatre course held by ZenZenZo, a Brisbane local physical theatre troupe, which bases its performance techniques on the Japanese art form, Butoh
  • Trained in vocal and speech techniques, based on Linklater’s studies on voice production and linguistics.

20XX – 20XX

  •  Performing artiste in Singapore Armed Forces, Music and Drama Company (SAF MDC)
  • Employed as SAF MDC dancer, actor, anchor host, drama i/c, director, drama instructor
  • As anchor host, hosted multiple events, including the Second Annual International Counter-Terrorism Conference, with a 1000+ audience
  • Co-wrote dozens of shows, skits, and hosting material
  • Supervised all junior artistes, developing and leading orientation and various training sessions for dozens of new performers
  • Simultaneously freelanced outside of MDC as host, singer, dancer, and actress:


  • Guest-starred in TCS 5's drama series "Lifeline"
  • Performed in "A Little Night Of Drama" at the Inauguration Ceremony for the opening of the New Drama Center, directed by Goh Boon Teck, Toy Factory Productions Ltd.
  • Performed as one of the 'ChioBus' in Sebastian Tan's "Broadway Beng", Kuala Lumpur Production, directed by Selena Tan, Dream Academy
  • Acted in a short film production for a local HD Panasonic Film Festival, titled "Sweet Pine Grove" produced by Blk A Pictures
  • Sang in a local Chinese/Cantopop band (Typhoon Band) for 3 months at Club Babyface


  • Performed in Toy Factory Productions Ltd's "TiTouDao" for one month, held in the New Drama Center, directed by Goh Boon Teck. Role: Swee Lian, Kim Kee, Ah Dui, Narrator, Siew Kin, Dancer.
  • Singer, "Singapore Day 20XX" in New York City, singer for the Musical Theatre segment, "Singapore Got Musical Meh?" written/directed by Jonathon Lim, Music arranged by Bang Wenfu
  • Host for SAF formal dinner event "5th ASEAN Chiefs of Defence Force Informal Meeting", held at Asian Civilisation Museum on 2nd August
  • Acted, sang and danced in a mini-musical for SAF's NS40 show directed by Hossan Leong, held at Pasir Laba Camp
  • Acted, sang and danced in a medley of song and dance (featuring numbers from all ASEAN countries) in SAF's prestigious, high-profile ASEAN Annual Meeting

Theater Skills

Review a list of skills to include in your CV or resume.

A - C

  • Adhering to  Deadlines
  • Articulating Clearly
  • Attention to Detail
  • Blocking a Scene to Prescribe Movements and Positions of Actors 
  • Casting Performers for Productions
  • Communicating Through Physical, Non Verbal Expressions
  • Concentration
  • Conducting Audience Surveys
  • Constructing Sets
  • Controlling the Pace of Verbalizations
  • Costume Design
  • Creativity
  • Critiquing Performances

D - K

  • Dancing
  • Developing a Profile for a Character
  • Editing Scripts
  • Eliminating or Adopting Accents
  • Eliminating Personal Emotional Distractions
  • Evaluating Potential Scripts
  • Facilitating Audience Talk Backs to Gather Feedback
  • Flexibility
  • High Energy
  • Identifying and Resolving Problems
  • Improvisation
  • Interacting with Diverse and Challenging Personalities
  • Issuing Directions to Actors

L - R

  • Leadership
  • Lighting Design
  • Managing Performance Anxiety
  • Memorizing Lines
  • Multitasking
  • Organizational
  • Physical Stamina
  • Projecting One's Voice
  • Pronouncing Words in Foreign Languages
  • Providing Constructive Feedback
  • Public Speaking
  • Receiving Criticism Constructively
  • Researching Cultural and Historical Contexts for Productions
  • Resilience
  • Risk Taking

S - Z

  • Scheduling and Planning Rehearsals
  • Selecting and Securing Props Appropriate for Scenes
  • Set Design
  • Singing
  • Social Media
  • Stage Management
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Taking Direction
  • Teamwork
  • Theater Production
  • Time Management
  • Video Filming and Editing
  • Working Cooperatively
  • Writing Character Analyses
  • Writing Reviews
  • Writing Scripts

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