The No-Credit Report and Score

It’s tough getting approved for loans and credit cards when you have little or no credit history. Banks don’t have much information to tell whether you’ll pay your bills on time. Without some type of payment history, many banks won’t take the risk.

Payment Reporting Builds Credit, PRBC, is a fairly new consumer reporting agency that maintains a history of your monthly bill payments including utilities, rent, cable, and other payments.

PRBC isn’t like the big three credit bureaus that compile and distribute credit reports based on debt payments on credit card and loans. Instead, PRBC allows you to enroll yourself and report your own payments. PRBC report is also different because there’s no fee to view your payment history.

Your PRBC Report

PRBC compiles your payment history in two ways. First, you can manually add account payment history and have PRBC verify the history for a fee. Verification of a rental history costs $20 and $15 for other accounts. To have an account verified you need to complete an authorization form, provide two forms of ID, and send a recent statement. Rental history verification requires a lease signed by you and your landlord. You can fax or mail the required documentation to have the verification complete.

You can have your payment history automatically updated by enrolling in PRBC's online bill pay.

Online bill pay is available with certain PRBC business partners.

Your PRBC report is only shared when you give your permission. Businesses cannot pull your report unless you’ve given the ok.

FICO Expansion Score

PRBC has partnered with Fair Isaac to offer a FICO Expansion Score that scores your credit risk based on your bill payment history.

This Expansion Score is very similar to the FICO score that scores based on information your credit reports from the big three credit bureaus. The score ranges from 300 to 850 with higher scores given to consumers who pay their bills on time. While the FICO Expansion Score isn’t yet available to consumers, lenders can access it to approve credit-based applications.