The New and Improved Outlet Bread Stores

Shoppers Can Save Up To 70 Percent
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The cost of bread and bread related products has crept up over the years. This cost can strain the family grocery budget. The good news is that there is a way to cut the cost of paying full grocery store prices. Discount bread stores are beginning to pop up in the same areas where you find top grocery stores and delicatessens and the inventory may surpass expectations.

Discount and bread outlets often sell a large assortment of fresh breads, Hostess products, cereals, cookies, crackers, fruit snacks, chips and pretzels, croutons (plus more), at attractive discounted prices.

Guide Review: The Bakery Outlet

It has been years since I shopped at a discount bread store and I was under the impression that most products sold would be less than fresh. I was quickly educated during my recent trip to the Bakery Outlet and learned that the rules have changed. The products sold in the bread chain stores are only sold within the freshness guidelines.

Many times when shopping at my local grocery store I will pass on the more expensive breads to keep the grocery bill down. My hand goes from delicious looking pumpernickel and lands on the least expensive sourdough or white bread. That was not the case while shopping at the Bakery Outlet store. The prices were low enough that I was able to splurge and not only get the pumpernickel but also a package of English muffins and a loaf of regular white sandwich bread.

I also bought glazed doughnuts at close to half the price I usually pay (heated them in the microwave and they were delicious) and frozen garlic bread which was so inexpensive I bought six and froze the other five.

However, the real treat was the discovery of seasoned breadcrumbs priced 60 percent less than I usually pay.

Overall, I saved around 60 percent off on the products I selected.

Other Products Sold

  • Low-carb breads, cookies, cupcakes, moon pies
  • Popcorn
  • Pound (Mini) Cakes
  • Shortcake Dessert Shells
  • 100% Sugar-Free wheat bread
  • Texas Toast
  • Home Pride Stuffing Mix
  • Meat Loaf Mix
  • Zesty Garlic Butter Crouton
  • Bagels
  • Heinz Condiments
  • Honey Graham Crackers
  • Seasoned Bread Crumbs

(Not all discount bread stores have all items listed here.)

Finding Stores

To do a search to see if there is a Bakery Outlet store near you or one coming in the near future, visit and type in your zip code.

Check the yellow pages or your local phone book to find a discount bread store near you or visit -

Holsum Bakery Outlet
Holsum has nine stores found throughout Arizona. For store addresses and periodic coupons visit the website. Daily Value breads start at 39 cents a loaf.