The Magic of "Side Effect" Marketing

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Guest Post by Andre Chaperon

There's a new inbound marketing "secret ninja tactic" that has recently been getting some press attention. Not just that, it is been heralded as "The Next Big Thing" and "Is The New King" in the content marketing toolbox.

I couldn't help chuckling to myself when I read these articles earlier in the week.

We operate in a social-powered world where attention is as rare as the lesser spotted dodo.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Instagram, WhatsApp...

... blah blah blah.

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Everyone and their dog are publishers of "content" now (click, publish ... click, publish). Like Boo the dog with over 17 MILLION fans. I kid you not. And look, I've just gone and perpetuated the damn problem by linking to his fan page. LOL. Oh well.

Here's the thing, though...

Amongst all this "click, publish" noise, distractions, and disruptions that pull attention to lol at yet another cat video, are foundational ubiquitous methodologies, that have not only been around since the beginning of internet time but still out-ROI social at a factor of 10x (on the low side).

They're not always sexy. But who cares when non-sexy (like when behavioral email marketing is done differently) produces ROI out the wazoo compared to all of social combined.

Back to why I chuckled the other day...

Like with email, content marketing has been around forever. It just phases in every few years wrapped in a new (sexy) name.

In 2016 it's being called "Side Project Marketing".

That's a cool sexy name, right? ... I mean, I like it. I really do. Just don't let the name fool you.

It's nothing new (to some people).

I started doing this "Side Project Marketing” well over a decade ago. I've always called it a different name. But in essence, it's not different at all.

Back in 2008, Seth Godin said, "Content Marketing is all the marketing that's left. Make something for them. If you make something that solves their problems, they'll talk about it and tell others."

So here's my One-Two Punch "marketing touchpoint" prediction for 2016 (and beyond)...


Focus your marketing efforts on doing more behavior-based email marketing that's powered by a story.

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I say this not just because I've helped thousands of marketers earn millions more from their email efforts. But because there’s just no better more intimate way to "talk to" prospects and customers you care about helping.

It turns out that if we work hard to show people that we care, THEY CARE BACK. Research conducted into how people are persuaded proves that the way we are treated (and the way that treatment makes us feel) affects our opinions and our behavior.

The relationship is deepened, and the result—some of these people will buy more of what you have (and some will buy everything you have).

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Create "Side Project" marketing initiatives that go DEEP (this is the hard time-consuming part, which is why few do it—which, btw, opens up a massive opportunity to those willing to roll up their sleeves and "do the work").

In a nutshell, if you sell "weight loss" training, for example, build a completely separate website on its own domain. Figure out who your ideal customer segments are (hint: it's not everyone, and these segments will vary widely), and then solve only one problem on that website.

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If your ideal customers are made up of 5 core groups, build out 5 different "side project" websites (at a minimum) that help solve real pain points each segment has.

Your sites shouldn't sell. At all. These "side project" websites are not direct response sales machines. They shouldn't look or smell commercial. At all. If they do, you lose.

I use these websites to reach and attract new people into my sphere of influence. These websites not only attract the best possible prospects into my fold but also work to REPEL people who are not a good fit, people I choose not to do business with (hint: marketing is not about talking to everyone in the hope of them all becoming a customer).

Think about these two "predictions". And here's why I know 100% that these predictions are true.

I've made the same two predictions to my customers each year, for years. And I'll be happy to come back here in 2017 and make the very same prediction. And it'll be true all over again.

Here's a bonus third prediction for ya...

The internet will get noisier. There will be more distractions tomorrow, next month and most certainly next year.

It may not always be Facebook or Instagram. Like with Twitter, people get bored when their new shiny social "click publish" toy gets old and not cool anymore.

Noise and distractions are a constant truth of our digital world now. And with that, ATTENTION will become rarer and rarer to earn.

Start now. Use email, better (it's still the best way to communicate with your audience, intimately, and at scale. Email is on every desktop and on every mobile device. It's ubiquitous.

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Build out a separate world for your audience, a sphere of influence that delivers awesomeness to them without the presence of a money wall that protects your best content.

Help solve real tangible problems your audience has (for free). And when you do that, unrestricted, they'll care back by sharing your world with others they care about.

And, the byproduct of doing that—the side effect—they'll buy from you more, and more often. Because you've humanized the transaction of value. Because you've rigged the value exchange in their favor.

Think about that.

Andre Chaperon

Editor's Note: Andre has been operating as a dyslexic full-time location independent online marketer since 2003. He's also the author of AutoResponder Madness, said by many smart people to be the best email marketing training available for entrepreneurs and online businesses owners. Learn more about Andre Chaperon and his Autoresponder Madness course at:

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