Apps That Everyone Will Be Using Revealed at SXSW

Apps Revealed at SXSW That Will Be Taking The Mobile World By Storm.

SXSW 2015. Getty

Every year in Austin, Texas, a massive collection of people from the worlds of music, film, and interactive get together to talk about the future of their industries. Some of the talks revolve around new ways of doing things. Others are about gadgets, personal projects, or music and cinematic visions.

And then there are the apps.

SXSW is a great place to showcase a new app because for a few days it is the focus of the interactive world.

 2015 was no exception. So many new apps were revealed, and the following five could very well become the next Instagram or Snapchat. Let’s take a look.

No doubt this one has already made it into your news feed. Or even onto your smartphone. When an app gets onto Fox News and has politicians lining up to use it, you know it has already become part of the social fabric.

So, what is Meerkat? The brainchild of Ben Rubin, it’s an app for your iPhone (or iPad) that lets you livestream video footage to every Twitter follower you have. If you don’t have a lot of Twitter follows, or you don’t see a need for live streaming, it’s not really for you. But for those celebrities, politicians, and businesses that have thousands, or even millions, of followers, it is a goldmine. Imagine sending out a Tweet, and instantly having thousands of fans following your every move. You could even use it as an alternative to Skype.

(NOTE: Twitter acquired the Periscope app, which does the same thing.)

Does the world really need another picture-sharing app? Twitter co-founder Biz Stone seems to think so. However, this has been tagged by Biz as “anonom-ish,” meaning you can share comments and pictures with or without using your own identity.

It’s a little hard to explain exactly what the use of this is yet, but it stems from the need for people to express themselves, and sometimes they don’t always want to put a name to that thought. Tech Crunch did a great review of it here back in November 2014, when it was still in Beta. Check it out.

Fancy yourself as a Banksy wannabe, but don’t want to risk breaking any laws? Well, this app, released on iOS, is just the thing.

As it sounds, it’s a graffiti application that lets you “bomb” or “tag” your own photos. You can use spray paint tools, stencils, sticker and markers, then share your tagged artwork with your friends and family. The business applications of Graphiti seem a little limited, but for the right movies or shows, it could be very effective.

One word – alcohol. When teamed with the word Thirstie, it paints a pretty clear picture of what this app is all about. You’re thirsty for some beer or wine, you want it as soon as possible, so you place an order on the Thirstie app. Within an hour, it is delivered to your door. And that’s guaranteed.

There are some restrictions, the biggest one being that you must order a minimum of $30 worth of booze. And of course, it has rolled out to only a few cities, including Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

But if this takes off, the pizza delivery drivers will be passing the beer delivery drivers all night.

Zoom Social
Finally, another picture app. We certainly seem to be a visual society these days. However, the big sell on this one is what the pictures are, but where they’re uploaded. 

Zoom Social is being touted as “your own personalized CNN.” What does that mean? Well, you can see what is being posted in your local area, and in turn see what is trending locally. This could be hugely beneficial to geo-targeted campaigns, with advertisers releasing photos in specific locations. Of course, it needs to be an app on millions of phones before anyone will take it that seriously.