The Complete Guide to Tenant Screening

How to Thoroughly Screen Prospective Tenants

Finding a great tenant is about having a great screening process. Learn everything from how to advertise your rental to how to avoid being accused of housing discrimination.

Where to Find Tenants

Couple smiling at each other as woman accepts keys from second woman
It's important to screen prospective tenants. PhotoAlto / Laurence Mouton / Getty Images

Tenant screening begins when you decide to advertise your property for rent. Here are some of the various ways you can find tenants. More

15 Things to Include in Your 'For Rent' Ad

Now that you know where to find tenants, the next part of the screening process involves understanding what you should include in your ads. A well formulated ad will help you attract quality tenants. More

10 Questions for Prospective Tenants

Once you have generated interest in your property, the next step is to develop a series of questions you will ask every prospective tenant. These questions will be your basic qualifying standards. More

Questions You Cannot Ask a Prospective Tenant

When interviewing prospective tenants, there are certain questions which you are legally not allowed to ask. Here is what you should not say during a tenant interview. More

What Is Fair Housing?

When screening tenants, you must adhere to the Federal Fair Housing Act. Learn which classes are protected from discrimination in housing. More

Fair Housing- List of Protected Classes by State

Abiding by the rules of the Federal Fair Housing Act is not enough. There are many states which protect additional classes from housing discrimination. Be aware of who is protected in your state. More

10 FAQs About Housing Rights for the Disabled

Disability is one of the classes protected under the Federal Fair Housing Act. To properly screen tenants, you must understand who is considered disabled as well as your obligation as a landlord to make reasonable accommodations for the disabled.

How to Select the Right Tenant for Your Property

The purpose of tenant screening is to select the right tenant for your property. Learn what to look for in a tenant to make this decision easier. More

How to Run a Credit Check on a Prospective Tenant

A credit check reveals an applicants prior financial history. The past can prove a good barometer of what a tenant will do in the future. This is a very important step when screening a tenant, so you must learn the proper steps to run a credit check. More