The Cat House Craze in Japan

Houses in Japan Fit for Kitty Royalty

Photo courtesy of Fauna+Design

The people of Japan really, really, really love cats. The Japanese did, after all, invent that iconic pie-faced feline character Hello Kitty, and came up with the idea for cafes where people can hang out with cats.

Now, the resourceful Japanese have taken their mad kitty love one step further with the construction of entire residential homes designed with cats in mind.

A number of Japanese architectural firms, including Fauna+Design, Asahi Kasei Homes, and Key Operations Inc., have advanced this new niche architectural trend by coming up with clever, ultra-modern home designs that enable kitties (and dogs) to live like kings and queens.

Fauna+Design is among the firms that made international headlines by designing a home for a family with 16 cats (and five dogs), pictured here, complete with a cat playroom, a huge tunnel, a sky-high scratching post, sky-lit loft with windows, a climbing tree that doubles as a spiral staircase and shelves galore for scampering and perching.

While it’s doubtful that this trend will catch on in a big way in the U.S. or other countries, this is likely to become increasingly popular in Japan.

In addition to their legendary love of animals, (according to a report on Inman News) Japan has the lowest birthrate in the world, as couples increasingly eschew having human kids and opt to adopt pets instead.

Plus, living space is at a minimum, especially in densely populated urban areas. So there is a market for these kinds of ingenious designs.
Click the links above or below to enjoy more photos of this amazing cat-friendly home in Japan from Fauna+Design.

Cat-Friendly Luxury

Photo courtesy of Fauna+Design

Virtually every inch of living space in the cat house in Japan is a cat-friendly kitty paradise.
The kitchen, dining area, and adjoining living area are surrounded by ramps and shelves for kitty comfort.

Clawing Their Way to the Top...Literally!

Photo courtesy of Fauna+Design

The floor-to-ceiling scratching post was incorporated into the unique home design.

This Kitty-Friendly Bathroom is a 'Litter' Better than Most

Photo courtesy of Fauna+Design

No self-respecting cat house would be without well-placed tunnels. Check out the cleverly-designed kitty commode on the left.

Kitties Enjoy Lofty Pursuits

Photo courtesy of Fauna+Design

Some more views of the awesome cat house in Japan, where kitties literally have the run of the place.

In my next life, I want to be reincarnated as a Japanese cat!

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