The Average Event Planner's Salary and Industry Growth

How Meetings and Events Industry Growth Has Impacted Event Planner Salaries

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While most event planners don't get into it for the money, the continued and steady growth of the meetings and events industry over the last few years has been accompanied by a growth in the average event planner's salary according to same sources.

Average Event Planner Salary Comparison: Then and Now

According to data from, in 2010 the national average base salary for an event planner falls between $47,000 and $64,000 per year.

With benefits, including bonus (average 2%), social security, retirement, disability, health care, pension, and time off, the total median compensation is $78,839.

By the end of 2015 (just a mere five years later), put the average event planner's salary in the United States at $58,545. Considering all the same benefits as the 2010 data, the grand total for average event planner compensation in 2015 reached $85,231.

Let's take a look at a more detailed year-over-year comparison of event planner salaries:

25th Percentile$46,958$49,911
50th Percentile$54,800$58,545
75th Percentile$63,940$68,781

Average Event Planner Salary According to Other Sources

Though is generally a trusted source when it comes to gaining insight on the salary ranges associated with a particular job title, other sources show the average event planner salary at a slightly lower figure.

For instance, PayScale puts the average American event planner making $44,254 per year whereas Glassdoor puts the national average at $46,451.The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics puts its general estimate at $46,490. So what's with these salary estimate discrepancies?

The average event planner salary estimates suffer from the same difficulties as any other profession.

Obstacles like limited data sources, regional differences, and even the differences in titles and the various event planning roles in different industries and fields. Despite the discrepancies, what each source confirms is more important, which is the upward salary trend. Each source reports an increase in the overall salaries of event planners.

The Future of the Meetings and Events Industry

The current trends and forecasts for the meeting and events industry show a positive outlook for not only the industry as a whole, but for those individuals who call themselves event planners. The industry is expected to continue to see growth in meetings, events, and business travel. Job growth for event coordinators and planners specifically has its own positive forecasts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to see these jobs to grow 44% faster than the average of all jobs.

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