The 6 Most Opinionated People in the Media Industry

Some people in media make big bucks by sharing their opinions. Sometimes, the more outrageous, the better, because controversy leads the audience to curiosity. That pays off in higher Nielsen ratings in TV and radio, higher circulation in print and more clicks online. Meet the 6 most opinionated people in the media industry who've used their mouths to make money.

Glenn Beck

A photo of radio and television host Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck has expanded a radio and television career to become an author, businessman and political rally organizer. Photo © Getty Images

Glenn Beck is more than just another politically conservative broadcaster. He left his popular program on Fox News Channel to create his own media company. Beck uses radio, TV and his pay-to-watch website to share his opinions. All of those platforms help him extend his reach.

Nancy Grace

A photo of HLN cable channel TV host Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace has successfully taken her courtroom career as a prosecutor to become host a prime time legal show on cable TV channel HLN. Photo © Getty Images

Nancy Grace and her opinions about the U.S. justice system set her apart from the sea of political commentators. She highlights buzzworthy legal cases long before traditional news outlets. Her outspoken legal opinions have helped her become the face of CNN Headline News (HLN).

Sean Hannity

A photo of Fox News Channel and syndicated radio host Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity has used his personal political views to capture an audience of millions on both TV and radio. Photo © Getty Images

Sean Hannity rivals Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly as the nation's number-one politically conservative broadcaster. Both Hannity and Limbaugh have popular radio programs, but Hannity also has his weeknight program on Fox News Channel.  O'Reilly is number one on Fox News Channel, but gave up his radio program. Hannity has also authored three bestsellers on his viewpoints.

Rush Limbaugh

A photo of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh
Radio host Rush Limbaugh is under fire for comments he made about a law school student. Photo © Getty Images

Long before Fox News Channel and its conservative hosts hit the national political scene, Rush Limbaugh was the voice of conservatism. His weekly audience of more than 15 million listeners is unmatched. His show helped in the creation of the talk radio format and helped AM radio stations reverse years of decline with an expanded listenership. 

Rachel Maddow

A photo of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow personifies MSNBC's branding as a progressive channel for news and political commentary. Photo © Getty Images

While conservative commentators battle each other for the same space in the political spectrum, liberals like Rachel Maddow are finding their place in a less crowded area. She is becoming the face of MSNBC, riding the ups and downs of the popularity of the politically progressive movement. 

Bill O'Reilly

A photo of Fox News Channel commentator and author Bill O'Reilly
Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly has a nightly audience that rivals the broadcast networks in size. Photo © Getty Images

Bill O'Reilly hosts the far-and-away number one program on the cable TV news channels. While he's seen as a conservative, he represents the voice of working-class Americans, which sometimes puts his opinions at odds with the Washington-based conservatives. He doesn't simply spout the same rhetoric as every other conservative commentator.