The 6 Keys of Fanatical Customer Testimonies

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A fanatical customer testimony is worth more than 1000 words of bland sales copy. A compelling customer testimony validates the claims you make about how great your business is.

Bike Friday sells folding travel bicycles and has built an impressive customer testimony library. As one fanatical customer says, "I am very happy with Bike Friday customer service. I have talked with Tim & Ian who have been very helpful and prompt: all my questions have been answered and technical issues dealt with.

Walter - this is the best bike I have ever ridden! Susan & I really like these machines - they purr down the fire roads!"

Fanatical customer testimonies help create excitement and buzz about your small business. All potential buyers have some distrust when evaluating company claims. Adding testimonies to your marketing mix provides important outside perspective on your customer satisfaction among other benefits.

Benefits of Customer Testimonies

While the most significant benefit of customer testimonies is the added credibility and believability to your product or service claims, other benefits exist to help grow your business including:

  • Collect Customer Feedback: Who better to ask for feedback and opinions on how your business is doing than a fanatic fan? A customer who is willing to give you a testimony becomes a source of feedback from the marketplace. Instead of assuming what your customers love, your testimony customers can give you real-life examples of why your business excels.
  • Close More Sales: Customer testimonies offer a method to overcome buyers' fear, doubt, and uncertainty by providing a third party validation of your business.
  • Gain Customer Loyalty: Any customer who is willing to sing the praises of your business will be a repeat and regular buyer of your products or services. Loyal customers spread the word of your business and provide higher profit levels.

    The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Testimonies

    There are good customer testimonies, bad testimonies, and downright ugly testimonies. Not all customer testimonies are created equal. For a testimony to penetrate the buyer's wall of skepticism, it has to be honest and believable.

    Plain vanilla testimonies are bland and boring. "Thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough job. I will definitely use your service in the future and recommend you to others!"

    Raving customer testimonies are real. provides believable customer testimonies. Nothing manufactured here. "The fins and t-shirt arrived today. The finish is excellent and made of the best material. This week will be almost windless. Testing will have to wait...I sat for over a half an hour rubbing my fingertips over them when they arrived. I can't wait for the real test."

    Customer Testimony Collection Tools

    Collecting customer testimonies can range from asking in a personal e-mail or letter to using the latest technology such as blogs, or a new customer testimony service called KudosWorks.

    Testimonial Letters: Crafting a simple customer testimonial letter will help build your customer testimony database. Begin by thanking your customer for using your business.

    Ask for their feedback or opinion on your services or product. Be certain you include the request to ask for permission to use their testimony.

    Testimonial Blogs: Z-CoiL Footwear Inc., in Albuquerque, sells funky looking footwear featuring a built-in orthotic stabilizing plate. In order to drive home the credibility of pain relief footwear, the company maintains a blog for customers to post and share their personal stories. With the ease-of-use and affordability of blogging technology, small businesses today have even more means to solicit testimonies from raving customers.

    Testimonial Web Tools: Graham Morfitt is a believer of the power in customer testimonies. As an online retailer of innovative outdoor lifestyle products, Modern Outpost Enterprises has relied on the collection and use of testimonies to help build business.

    Morfitt posted customer comments on the company's customer service web pages. As a small business, the company found it had limited web space along with difficulty managing changes and highlighting the testimonies. To solve his dilemma, Morfitt turned to KudosWorks.

    KudoWorks, created by Genuosity Inc., provides web-based testimony presentation tools allowing small business to automate the collection, management, and sharing of customer testimonies. For Morfitt's small business, KudosWorks solves a number of issues including the convenient showcasing of testimonials, easy links from each web page, the ability to encourage customers testimony sharing for word-of-mouth advertising and simple promotion in email communications.

    Using old and new methods of building your customer testimonies will aid your customer satisfaction ratings. Discover the 6 keys you need to ensure you elicit fanatical customer testimonies.

    Deliver High Quality: Fanatical customer testimonies are built upon a firm foundation of delivering high quality products and services on a daily basis. Don't expect customers to get on your business bandwagon without providing top-notch customer service.

    Finish Strong: Collecting fanatical customer testimonies depends in part on timing. Customer service expert, Professor Richard B. Chase advises companies to use behavioral science in the execution of customer delivery.

    The final customer interaction is what resides in the memory of your customer. Determine how you can WOW your customers in your final interaction to create a positive impression. Following your strong finish, ask for feedback and a possible testimony.

    Match Your Brand: Solicit and use customer testimonies that match your brand's position. If your business is the fastest delivery in the North Western U.S., collect testimonies to strength your brand promise.

    Edit Not Write: Avoid writing your customer's testimonies. By having your customers express their experiences with your business allows you capture the excitement and emotion of testimonies. You can edit the material for a little polish. Have your client give you permission on the final copy.

    Get Permission: If a customer provides a glowing testimony of your outstanding business, you won't be able to use it in your marketing materials until permission is obtained.

    Always ask for permission.

    Be Real: Anonymous customer testimonies lack credibility. Try to gain as much of the customer’s full name, location, and title to boost your testimony believability. A testimony from a respected customer in your field can go a long way to positioning your firm.

    Customer testimonies are a vital part of the marketing mix for small businesses on a tight budget.

    Don't underestimate the power of testimony to gain feedback, close more sales, and build customer loyalty.