The 5 Most Desired Construction Positions

Want a job in construction? Test these out!

Construction workers

If you're looking for a job in construction management, don't look past these amazing jobs! Whether you want to work with construction management software or work directly in the field (or even do both!), check out these options:

Construction Managers

Construction managers head up the construction project. They direct lower-level managers, including construction workers and their supervisors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that construction managers make an average of $85,630 per year average as of 2014.

Those in the highest 10 percentile earned in excess of $149,000. The lowest percentile makes just over $50,000. 

A solid 50 percent of the construction managers employed in the United States earn somewhere between $60,000 and $110,000 annually. When one looks at those numbers, it isn’t hard to see why this is a very sought-after position. It is also the one on our list with the largest number of opportunities.

Construction Supervisors

Construction supervisors are also known as foremen on the job site. They are on a lower level of management than construction managers but they often share a number of the same responsibilities. Construction managers work closely with labor to ensure that work gets done on time, with strict adherence to all standards of quality and safety. 

Most construction supervisors make between 20 and 40 percent less than the construction manager(s) on a given project, although some companies do narrow that gap considerably, especially in circumstances where the work is more hazardous, as supervisors often work more directly with labor than managers and often find themselves further in harm’s way.


Installation Manager

The median salary for a first-year installation manager is approximately $57,730. The actual pay range is somewhere between $39,149 and $82,201, depending on the job and the industry. In some areas, these numbers do increase considerably, so anyone who is willing to relocate for better pay would be wise to explore all the opportunities that exist within this position.


Construction Inspection Services Manager

The median salary for a construction inspection services manager is $86,253. The actual pay range can vary depending on various factors (including location, project type, project length, etc.). Low-end salaries are approximately $72,000 and high-end salaries can be as high as $92,000. This is a good career path for a construction professional with a broad range of experience working on a diverse description of projects. He or she also has to be familiar with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the standards set forth for the project between the client and the general contractor.

Building and Grounds Supervisor

The median salary for a building and grounds supervisor salary is approximately $46,374, with an actual range between $30,339 and $77,239 per year. The actual salary here is also influenced by many of the same factors as listed above. Building and grounds supervisors working in the United States have a solid background in their field and often enter the position with an excess of 10 years of experience. 

These positions are also somewhat abundant and easier to land than some of the others on our list. Building and ground supervisor is also a career path that can net huge rewards in the form of higher pay if the individual is willing to relocate permanently or travel for extended periods to complete a job.