Thank You Letters for References and Recommendations

How to Say Thank You for a Reference or Recommendation Letter

A woman holding a message card
Say thank you for giving you a reference via email, a thank you card or a letter. Kohei Hara/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Thank you letters are always appreciated by the people who give you references, write you letters of recommendation, or provide a recommendation on LinkedIn for you.

Why It's Important to Say Thank You

When you take the time to say thank you, your reference providers will be even more inclined to recommend you next time around. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. In addition, if you get a LinkedIn recommendation consider following suit and if you can recommend the person, do so.

They will appreciate that, as well.

How to Say Thank You for a Reference

How should you relay your thanks? You can say thank you via email, via a thank you note card, or a letter. Either one is an acceptable way to say thank you.

The advantage to sending a handwritten thank you note or a letter is that the person has a tangible reminder of your appreciation. That makes more of an impact than an email message which can be quickly filed away or forgotten.

When you are not sure what to include in your reference thank you letters, it's always a good idea to review samples. You'll be able to get ideas and suggestions for your own email messages, notes, and letters, then you can personalize your own correspondence to fit the circumstances. Here are a variety of thank you letter samples for references and recommendations.

Recommendation and Reference Letter Samples

I Got The Job Thank You Letter Sample
Sample email message saying thank you for a reference which also informs the reference writer that the person was hired.

Status Update Reference Thank You Letter Example
Example of a reference letter saying thank you for a reference for employment. This letter also updates the reference provider on the status of the candidate's job application.

College Recommendation Thank You Letter Example
Example of a reference letter saying thank you for a recommendation for college.

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