Thank You Letter for Referral

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Here is a sample letter you can send (via email or mail or LinkedIn) to a person who referred you for a job. When you write the letter or email message give the person a status update on your application or job offer, as well as thanking them for the referral.

If you are sending an email thank you message, there is no need to include your return address or your contact's address. List your contact information in your signature.

Also see below for an email thank you letter referral message.

Thank You Letter for Referral

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Dear Vince,

Thank you for very much for referring me for the position at ABCD. I am grateful for the time you spent reviewing my application and recommending me for the job.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.


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Thank You Letter for Referral Email

Subject: Thank You

Dear Tim,

Thank you for your referral for the opportunity at your company.  HFT Industries has a wonderful reputation as an industry leader, and I really appreciate your confidence in me.

I think my interview with Stanley went well, and I expect to meet with Sheila later this week. I'll keep you posted as I go through the hiring process.

Again, thank you for your support.

Dave Jones

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