Thank You Letter for an Administrative Interview

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Here is a thank you note example you can send (via email or mail) to the person who interviewed you for an administrative position.

If you are sending an email letter, there is no need to include your return address or your contact's address. List your contact information in your signature.

Thank You Message Example for an Administrative Position

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I truly appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview me for the Administrative Assistant position open in your department.

Thank you for talking to me about your department and its role in the larger corporation.

I believe that my skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for this position. I am adaptable to my work environment, and I'm sure that I would fit in with your department easily. I bring enthusiasm and attention to detail to any job I do.

After our interview, I am even more interested in this position. The information you shared with me about the responsibilities and opportunities match very well with my achievements and goals. If you need any additional information, please feel free to call me anytime on my cell phone, (555)111-2222.

Thank you for your careful consideration for this position.

Best Regards,

Your Name

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