Texas Insurance Place Website Review

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If you are a resident of Texas or Oklahoma and looking for insurance comparison sites, Texas Insurance Place has been offering insurance comparison services since 1988. Texas Insurance Place is an independent agency representing more than 50 insurance companies. The company’s headquarters located in Arlington, TX. Texas Insurance Place is an insurance comparison website similar to CoverHound or US Insurance Online with the exception of being a local or regional insurance comparison site targeted to businesses, particularly contractors, and individuals seeking auto, homeowners or renters insurance in Texas and Oklahoma.

Types of Insurance Available

At Texas Insurance Place website, you can receive multiple insurance quotes for the following types of insurance:

Contractor: Contractor’s insurance is for construction professionals who need business insurance to protect against the perils associated with a high-risk industry. You can obtain contractor insurance quotes for General Liability, Contractor Bonds, Commercial Auto, Workers’ Comp, Builders Risk, Tools & Equipment Umbrella, Plumbing Insurance, and Electrician Insurance.

Business: Business insurance quotes are available for all industries to cover specific risks no matter what niche of business you own. You can receive business insurance quotes for General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers’ Comp or Professional Liability insurance.

Personal: Personal insurance quotes are provided to residents of Texas and Oklahoma for Auto Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance and Renters Insurance. For home insurance, all major policy types are offers: HO-A, HO-B, HO-3, HO-4, TDP-1, TDP-3, Condo, Tennant, Mobile Home and Vacant.

Texas Insurance Place has several partner carriers including Bankers, BTIS, Kemper, Progressive, Safeco, USLI and Texas Mutual. They currently only offer coverage in Oklahoma and Texas so this is more of a regional insurance comparison site. The site advertises partnerships with more than 50 insurance companies with 20 auto insurance companies and discounts of up to 60 percent on home and auto insurance in Texas.

How It Works

To receive a quote, you will first enter your contact information: first name, last name, email, and phone number. You are then asked to indicate the type of insurance you wish to purchase: contractor insurance, business insurance or personal insurance (auto, homeowner’s or renters insurance) and if you are interested in other policies. There is a space for additional information where you can list any questions, comments or concerns that you have. Once you have entered your information, a representative will contact you to gather any additional information needed to complete the process.


Texas Insurance Place offers easily to complete applications and is a good resource for those looking for multiple insurance quotes without spending a lot of time in the process. Texas Insurance Place is partnered with many well-known and financially stable insurance carriers. Before placing your coverage, make sure to do your own homework and check out the company’s financial stability rating. This is a company specializing in contractor insurance for contractors including those who work in air conditioning, electrician, HVAC, landscaping, lawn care, plumbers, painters, remodeling and stonework.


One thing that may discourage some from using the website is the absence of states where you can obtain a quote. Texas Insurance Place currently only offers quotes for Texas and Oklahoma residents. It is not apparent if you can obtain the quote directly online or if you have to wait to have a company representative contact you. If you do not want to be contacted by a company representative by telephone or email but just want to receive an instant quote without being contacted, this may not be the right insurance comparison site for you.

The Bottom Line

Texas Insurance Place provides multiple quotes to residents of Texas and Oklahoma for the contractor, business or personal insurance. Many of the insurance companies who provide quotes have excellent financial strength ratings. This is very important in choosing an insurance company because it means the company has the ability to pay its debts and all claims presented. The bottom line is -- a financially sound company will be around when you need it most. This insurance website specializes in contractor’s insurance for residents of Texas and Oklahoma, although it also provides quotes for auto, homeowner’s and renters insurance. You can receive a quote by visiting Texas Insurance Place website. The phone number to call with any questions is 817.548.0505 or use the contact us page.