Terence Bell

Terence Bell is the President and Founder of Strategic Metal Investments Ltd., a diversified metal trading, marketing and investment company with operations in North America and China. He is also the Editor of Strategic Metal Report, a blog which provides market followers with up-to-date, independent and unique analysis of minor metal markets.


Terence has been involved in the rare earth and minor metal industries for over ten years. Beginning as a warehouse employee, driving forklifts and filling orders for specialty metals, he moved his way into metal trading after completing university. Terence moved on to work as the Sales Manager at Hefa Rare Earth Canada Co. Ltd. and now splits his time between Beijing and Vancouver managing Strategic Metal Investments Ltd.

Terence Bell

I cannot say that I was destined to make a career in the metals industry. My first introduction to geology and metallurgy was an introductory course at university, which was frequented by students looking to boost their GPA. At that time, I never thought that 'rocks for jocks' - as we called it - would be more relevant in my life years later than all those economics books I spent hours poring over.

What I love about metals are the myriad of ways that you can study them. Whether you discuss metal markets and the financial perspective, the chemical/metallurgical angle, material science and end-use applications or production and recycling, you can always find an topic that connects with someone's daily life.

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