Temp Job Interview Question: What Personality Traits Do You Have?

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When interviewing for a temporary position, or with a temp agency, the hiring manager will be trying to determine how well you will handle the unique conditions of working as a temp. Not only do you need to have the hard skills required for the work done by the company where you will be placed, but working as a temp requires soft skills which can be harder to define.

It’s a good idea to give some thought as to how you will answer the temporary job interview question "What personality traits do you possess that make you suited to temporary work?"

Here are sample answers to a temporary job interview question about which of your personality traits make you the best candidate for a temp job.

Examples of the Best Answers

I have a very outgoing personality, and I adapt well to working with new people in new environments. I find that helps me in temp positions, because I easily get to know the people in the office, and am able to pick up on the routine, so I can become productive quickly.

When I begin a temp job, I start out by learning the routine of the job, and the tasks I need to perform. I'm a quick study, and am very comfortable working within the procedures already in place in an office. I like learning the different ways that offices do things, and I find that the more experiences I have, the easier it is for me to adapt to new challenges.

I don't do well working in one place for a very long period of time. I prefer a variety of work and work environments.

Working temp jobs provides me with the opportunity to experience different workplaces, and meet new people.

My personality is pretty laid back, and I think that helps me to adapt easily to temporary work. I can evaluate the system and the other employees in the office where I’m placed, and find the best way to fit in and start accomplishing my tasks.

I find that working temporary jobs is a good fit for my personality, because I like to stay neutral, and avoid office drama. As a temp, I can just focus on my work, and be productive without being competitive with the regular employees at the firm. I find that I am able to accomplish the most when I set goals for myself, and am not drawn into the politics in an office environment.

I really enjoy working temp jobs, because I am an innately positive person, and I find that helps me when I come into a new environment, especially for short term assignments. I find the positives in the people I meet, and the processes that each office chooses to accomplish their work. I learn something from every person I meet, and I think that makes me a stronger employee, and an asset in any job I’m assigned to.                                      

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