Teen Job Interview Questions About Success

Tips for Teens: Interview Questions About Success

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Work experience offers teens valuable benefits and opportunities for growth, including taking responsibility, learning how to be professional, developing the ability to resolve conflicts and problem, all while gaining experience for their resume and college applications. Here are some strategies for successfully tackling an interview as well as how to answer questions about success.

Tips for Teens on Successful Interviewing

Determine three key ideas you want to communicate before the interview.

Determine several highlights you want to communicate--whether that has to do with academic success, previous jobs or internships or strong abilities. Keep those in your back pocket and sprinkle those points into your answers.  For example, if the job is in retail and requires talking to customers, you might highlight your communication skills on the debate team. If you're going to be working with children, talk about your previous experience babysitting.

Find your fit. Think through the ways in which you're a good match for this job. Don't just talk about your strengths in general; tie them to the position to illustrate how your skills are applicable. Consider what the job requires and think about how your academic and extracurricular experiences demonstrate that you'd be a successful match. Use examples, scenarios and stories when you can to paint a picture.

Read up on the company. Research the company before your interview.

You don't have to memorize lots of facts, but you should have a general idea of what the company does, how they do business and details about the job you're applying for. If the job is in retail, go to visit the store and shop around. If it's at a restaurant, have a meal there to get a sense of how things run and what the menu looks like.

  You can also sprinkle your homework into your discussion. For example, "When I was visiting your store, I observed XYZ, or “I saw on your website that you plan to..."

Come armed with questions. Employers may consider your questions just as important as your answers as they demonstrate your curiosity in the company and real interest in the job. Here are some general questions to ask:

  • What is the most important thing I need to know about this job?
  • What kinds of opportunities exist for me to learn new skills?
  • What is involved in the training?
  • How can I prepare before the job begins?

"What do you think it takes to be successful in this position?"

Here are some sample answers to this interview question that you can use as a springboard to craft your own.

  • I think like, in most jobs, to succeed in this position I'll have to be hardworking, responsible, trustworthy, and a good team member.
  • I feel it is important to believe what I am doing is meaningful and that I can make a difference. Keeping these two things in mind only motivates me to work harder.
  • When working with children, it is important to always make them feel like they are special. To be successful in this position, I will be energetic, creative, and understanding of the various needs of the all the children.

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