Team Building Exercises for Employees

Use These Team Building Interactions to Engage and Motivate Employees

Looking for team building exercises that will help you make your team building effective? These exercises will engage your participants, reinforce your learning concepts, and build the cohesiveness of your team. Use these team building exercises to ensure your team's success.

Keys to Team Building Success

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Want to make your next team building exercise live up to its true potential? You'll want to integrate the team building activities with real-time work goals.

Establish a process for follow up and workplace integration of the results from the team building - before you take employees on a team building adventure. You need to make the good feelings and the outcomes that result from the exercises last back on the job.

Read this article first so that you have the information you need to make the rest of these recommended exercises successful. More

How to Create Team Norms

The members of every team and work group will develop particular ways of interacting with each other over time. This way of interacting is known as team norms.

Effective interpersonal communication among team members and successful communication with managers and coworkers who are external to the team are two critical components of how a team can function well.

You should never leave team interaction to chance because of the impact of these interactions on team success,  Form team relationship guidelines or team norms early to ensure that your teams are successful. Learn about team norms and the team building exercise that will create them. More

Step by Step to Adopt Group Guidelines

Teams Interact Most Effectively When They Have Developed Group Norms. Cultura RM/Leonora/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

Do you want to adopt communication, interpersonal interaction, and team management guidelines for your team? They help a team perform more effectively.

Here are step-by-step instructions that will enable your team to adopt team guidelines or norms - with or without a facilitator. Adopt group relationship guidelines early during the formation of the team to ensure its success. More

Three Shining Work Moments

Are you looking for a winning team building idea that you can use for meetings, training classes, team building sessions, and company events?

My three shining moments team building exercise makes group cohesiveness and cooperation a natural extension of sharing during this activity. Using this exercise will allow your participants to learn to know and appreciate each others' strengths. More

Sharing Management Wisdom

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This simple team building exercise creates excitement during a regularly scheduled team building or training session. This exercise  allows your participants to share their accumulated knowledge and wisdom with the other participants.

During this exercise, the facilitator steps aside and the participants take center stage with their knowledge and expertise. More

Your Personal Best

I'd been asked to lead the final team building exercise of a long day before drinks and dinner. The audience had been meeting since eight that morning.

The attendees at the meeting were police officers. They are experts at what they call, "putting on their cop face." These expressions give a meeting facilitator almost no information or feedback - something that a meeting leader or facilitator really needs.

Want to see the team building exercise I created? It succeeded beyond my wildest expectations, just before drinks and dinner - with cops. More

Radio-controlled Cars

Use Radio Controlled Cars for Team Building. Andersen Ross/The Image Bank/GettyImages

Readers often send in team building exercises and icebreakers that worked for them in their organization. It's great to have examples, and in the spirit of this article, I value your collaboration and ideas.

Recently, I received a note from Keith which began: "You were asking about fun things in HR.” This fun team building activity was enclosed with his note.


The more you facilitate team building activities with your employees and coworkers, the more comfortable you will become leading and organizing sessions for success. Since nothing succeeds quite as well as successful results, you'll be delighted with the outcomes you experience when you use activities like these to build your team. Your employees will love the warmth and the spirit of camaraderie that results from sharing information with their team members. They will understand each other's strengths and weaknesses - but not get so personal that they experience discomfort. These activities are right on target for use in your workplace.