Teacher Interview Questions About Technology

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When you are applying for a teaching position a typical job interview question is "How have you used, or how will you use, technology in the classroom?"

With all of the new forms of technology available, schools are eager to incorporate it into their classrooms whenever possible. It's important to assure your interviewer that you are familiar with and enthusiastic about using available technology.

In addition, note that you are always looking to research new technologies to implement in your classroom, as they become available.

Make a List of Technology You Have Used in the Classroom or at School

Review the past five years at work. What did you use and how did you use it?

  • Platforms: Tablets, desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile devices
  • Software: Software packages (such as Microsoft Office), programs, apps
  • Display Devices: smart boards, video displays
  • Video: Cameras, video recorders, video editing devices and applications.
  • Audio: Microphones, speakers, mixers, amplifiers, recording devices, audio editing devices and applications.

What Technology Do You Use at Home?

Discuss how you use technology at home and in your personal life. What social media do you use? Do you use a fitness tracker? Are there apps or games you enjoy? How might familiarity with these translate into future technology in the classroom? If your previous schools had little technology in the classroom, showing that you use it at home can be a positive response.

Did you teach your children, spouse, parents or grandparents how to use technology?

What Technology Did You Use at Non-Classroom Jobs?

Be able to discuss how you used computers and other technology in jobs that were not in education. You may have used tablets and mobile devices in paid or volunteer jobs.

Have examples of how you found them useful for performing the jobs or how you coached co-workers in using them.

Provide Example of Technology You Used

Provide the interviewer with examples of what technologies you have used in the past:

  • I was lucky to have one of the first 'Smart Boards' in my classroom. The children were immediately engaged, and eager to explore the possibilities being offered. We learned together just what an amazing teaching tool it could be.
  • We used tablets in my last class and the students used apps to enhance their lessons.
  • I taught a class that created a blog and a wiki, with all of the students contributing. Students that were reluctant to speak in class blossomed when they were able to write their entries.
  • One of my classes developed a podcast to share with other students and their families.
  • We connected to guests via Skype for interviews. The students asking questions and getting answers from experts who were far away or too busy to come to class in person.
  • I use a personal computer or tablet to develop and organize my lesson plans.

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