TaxCut Online Introduction

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Get started with TaxCut Online by going to TaxCut Online. Choose TaxCut Online to fill out a 1040 or 1040-SR form. TaxCut Signature is a third option; the additional cost of TaxCut Signature gives you access to a tax professional for assistance year-round and advanced audit assistance a great deal for the price.

Click on Start Today under the TaxCut Online product you wish to use.

Sign In or Create an Account

TaxCut Online Account Setup
TaxCut Online

Previous TaxCut Online User

  1. Enter a username and password if you’ve used TaxCut Online and have set up a user account in the past.
  2. Select the ‘Remember Me’ option to speed up logging in in the future, but do not use this feature if you share your computer with someone who should not see your tax information.
  3. If you forget your username or password, click on the link for username and password help.
  4. Click on the link to update account information if you need to do so.

New to TaxCut Online

  1. Click “No” and create an account by filling in the username and password information. Passwords must be 6-15 characters composed only of numbers, letters, and underscores. Special characters such as ‘@’ or ‘$’, or spaces will be rejected.
  2. Click the link to read the H&R Block TaxCut Online Product License and Services Agreement, then click on the checkbox below the account set up to accept the agreement. This agreement covers TaxCut’s licensing, privacy policy, security tips and consent to use electronic communications, among other important information. Take a moment to read it over.
  3. Click on Sign In.

Enable Pop-Ups to Use TaxCut

Enable pop-ups to use TaxCut Online
TaxCut Online

TaxCut Online tests your browser for pop-ups. If you have a pop-up blocker in place you will see the warning asking you to do one of the following, with the first being the preferred method:

  1. Set your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from
  2. Set your pop-up blocker to medium.
  3. Turn off the pop-up blocker while using TaxCut online.

Once pop up blocking is disabled, log in again and you will get a confirmation screen with your ​username and the email address you provided. Print this sheet out for your records.

Import Tax Data into TaxCut Online

TaxCut Online Imports Data
TaxCut Online.

From this point on, if you leave TaxCut Online open 5 minutes without activity you will get a warning that you will be logged off shortly. This security measure lessens the chance of others seeing your personal data if your browser is left open and inactive.

TaxCut asks you if you want to import your tax data from a variety of H & R Block and TaxCut products, TurboTax, TaxNet or you may opt not to import data.

TaxCut Overview

TaxCut Online Application Overview
TaxCut Online

Once the data import is complete or if you elect not to import your tax data, you will see an overview of the TaxCut Online program interface explaining what different parts of the TaxCut Online program will do when you click on them. After looking this over, click Next to continue.

TaxCut Online Main Menu

TaxCut Online Main Menu
TaxCut Online

You will now come to the main menu:

Click Federal Return to start your tax return and TaxCut Online will ask you questions to walk you through preparing your taxes. These questions include personal events which affect taxes such as a new job or child and marital status. From there you will be asked about income, deductions, credits, etc.

After you complete the federal portion, you may also use TaxCut Online to complete your state income tax return. Much of the information you enter into TaxCut Online is done by checking off boxes. Do not check boxes if they do not pertain to your tax situation, and do not be concerned if you have nothing to check off for many of the questions.

TaxCut Online Help

TaxCut Online Help
TaxCut Online

Help for TaxCut Online is always just a click away. The gray bar to the right displays questions relevant to the part of the return you are currently filling out; click on a question to see the answer. Other helpful features in this part of TaxCut Online are:

  • Percentage meter tells you how far along you are in completing your return.
  • Click Take Me To to go back to a completed part of your return. You cannot skip forward in TaxCut Online.
  • Click on Live Help to get free TaxCut Online program assistance via chat, and fee-based live tax advice.
  • The Help Center is clickable free online help documentation for the TaxCut Online program as well as some tax advice.
  • I Need a Tax Professional To complete this request by checking the box next to “answer a tax question”, “sign my return”, “finish my return”, then clicking Go. These options may have a fee.
  • The Feedback button will open your email client with the appropriate email address inserted so you can give feedback on TaxCut Online. Click on Feedback to make suggestions to improve next year’s TaxCut Online or to voice your approval of the product.

Complete Your Income Taxes Now or Later

TaxCut Online

Now that you started on your income tax return and you've created a TaxCut Online account, you don't have to finish your income taxes all in one sitting. You can log off of TaxCut Online and return whenever it is convenient for you, starting your tax return where you left off. Just go back to and click on the red TaxCut Online Login link on the upper right of the screen.