TaxACT 2013 Versions, Features and Prices

iPad and Android Apps, Online and Desktop Tax Software

TaxACT for tax year 2013 offers online and Windows tax software, iPhone and Android phone apps, and a tablet app for iPad and Android. If you're not sure whether you should prepare your taxes online or on your desktop, see Tax Software: Online or Desktop for more information.

The tax interview takes you through a return step by step with new enhanced Life Events that cover tax implications of marital status and employment changes, and other major life changes. The Tax Tutor offers more this year, including support for 1040NR U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Returns. TaxACT also includes a feature called HealthWatch for help with tax and insurance issues affected by Obamacare / Affordable Care Act. TaxACT also offers, a comprehensive site (however, not tax software) for deciphering the new health care laws as they pertain to your situation.

Mobile Apps

TaxACT Central is a mobile app for Android phones and iPhone. It does not complete a 1040, but is great for getting prepared for filing taxes and for checking on the status of your return and refund after you file. TaxACT Tablet App for Android and iPad is the mobile version of the Free Federal version, covered below. The cost to file a return with the tablet apps is free, including no e-file fees.


TaxACT guarantees 100% accuracy, maximum refund and money back if you're not satisfied. The online versions also have a price lock guarantee: you will pay the price listed at the start of your return when you file. Price changes will not happen even if it takes you a couple of months to file your return.


The prices quoted below are current retail, and are subject to change without notice. Most tax software prices increase as the April 15, 2014 filing deadline approaches.

If you prefer not to use the online software, you can order a TaxACT software CD to receive in the mail and then install TaxACT on your PC. There's a $5.99 cost for shipping and handling for the CD, but another option is to use the free download then install the software.

TaxACT Free Edition

TaxACT tax preparation software for tax year 2013.
TaxACT for Tax Year 2013. TaxACT for Tax Year 2013 /

While most free tax software will only complete a simple return or is a stripped down version of the paid software,TaxACT Free Federal completes Form 1040, 1040A,and 1040EZ, and Schedules A, C, D, E, and F are all supported. If you used TurboTax or H&R Block At Home last year, your return can be imported from a PDF to reduce the information you need to enter in TaxACT Free Federal (see How to Save Your Tax Return as a PDF in TurboTax). Tax-related questions are answered through the TaxACT Answer Center, which available in the software any time you need it. If you can't find an answer there, email a Taxpayer Support specialist for free. Or, for $7.99 get help over the phone for the whole year.

Top Features

  • Quick data entry methods for entering W-2, 1099, 4562 and investment data.
  • Can be used for just about any personal income tax return, with free e-File included.
  • Prior Year Comparison feature finds compares your return against last year's to find possible errors from incorrect or overlooked entries.
  • Life Events cover major life changes over the past year that likely affect your taxes. Choose one event, Financial Hard Times event included.

Supported Platforms: Windows, online, iPad, Android tablet
Federal e-File included: One
State Return: Windows $14.99+$9.99 e-file

TaxACT Free Federal Online

TaxACT Free Federal for Android

TaxACT Free Federal for iPad

TaxACT Free Federal for Windows Desktop

TaxACT Deluxe Federal

Life Events in TaxACT tax software.
Enhanced Life Events in TaxACT Deluxe Federal. Enhanced Life Events in TaxACT Deluxe Federal /

This version includes everything in Free Federal, with additional features like importing stock transactions to determine capital gains taxes, import W-2 data, Schedule K-1 and data from last year's return prepared with TaxACT. Capital Gains & Depreciation Summaries reconcile with brokerage statements and show assets for current and future years.

If you are self employed, a sole proprietor or a single-member LLC, TaxACT Deluxe Federal has Schedule C, depreciation and other features that you'll appreciate.

Top Features
  • TaxACT Online has a price lock guarantee. Start using TaxACT today, and today's price is what you pay when you complete and file your return, even if the going price is higher on the day you file.
  • Donation Assistant to track tax deductible charitable contributions.
  • Access all TaxACT Life Events which explain any major life changes over the past year that will likely impact your tax return.
  • Tax calculator for what-if scenarios relative to income taxes.
  • Use DocVault, TaxACT’s free app for organizing and saving images of tax documents like receipts and other tax-related items, then import the images into TaxACT Deluxe Federal. Images can also be imported directly from your computer.

Supported Platforms: Windows, online, iPad, Android tablet
Cost: $12.99
Cost for Federal and State Ultimate Bundles: $19.99 for Desktop Deluxe + 5 e-Files (Windows desktop only) / $17.99 for Federal + one state (online and tablet) / $21.99 - 28.99 for Federal + State Bundles (Windows desktop only)
Federal e-File included: One. e-File up to four more returns for $9.99 each, or use a bundle
State Return: Windows $14.99 + $9.99 e-file per state (or use a bundle). Online $5, State e-File included

Try TaxACT Deluxe Federal

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TaxACT Small Business

TaxAct tax software summary screen of a tax return.
TaxACT 2013 Summary Screen. Tax Return Summary in TaxACT 2013 /

TaxACT offers tax software that completes a personal return with the Deluxe Federal product, and adds support for partnerships, multi-member LLCs (single member LLCs can use Deluxe Federal), C Corporations and S Corps with Form 1065, 1120 and 1120S.

A scanner is required to e-File a business federal return, which requires a printed and signed authorization form. TaxACT will walk you through saving to a PDF and attaching to the return, or you can mail your return to the IRS.

Top Features
  • Maximizes deductions with broad list of business expenses.
  • Depreciation and disposal, capital gains summary.
  • Tax interview questions in plain English.
  • Upon payment for TaxACT, get guidance from a tax specialist by email or phone at no additional charge.
  • Import Trial Balance Reports from accounting software in CSV format, then make adjustments and TaxACT transfers data to the appropriate lines.
  • Expanded reconciliation of book income feature (Schedule M-1).
  • Support for 1065 and 1120S Schedule K-1.
  • Product

Supported Platforms: Windows, online, iPad
Price:: $44.99 Federal e-File included:One
State Return: $19.99 per state, includes state e-File.

TaxACT for Sole Proprietor and Self Employed (Deluxe Federal)

TaxACT for Partnerships and Corporations

TaxACT Small Business State Edition

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