Tax Season Jobs

Income Tax Preparation, Advising and Processing Jobs

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Tax preparation companies hire seasonal workers to help with preparing income tax returns during tax season. A tax prep job can be a way to earn extra money during income tax season and can lead to other more permanent opportunities in accounting and finance.

For some positions applicants need experience, for others, like data entry and administrative jobs, tax experience isn't required.

Tax Season Jobs

Temporary tax season jobs are available in tax offices, as well as online working for companies like Intuit which hires TurboTax advisors.

The Internal Revenue Service hires temporary employees for tax filing season (January - May) for positions including Data Transcribers, Clerks, Tax Examiners and Contract Representatives.

Tax Preparation Classes

Depending on the jobs you apply to, some tax preparation companies seek candidates with experience and offer income tax courses for applicants who need training.

In-person and online courses are available. Some classes are free, while others charge a fee. Before you sign up for a training course, check to see if there is a charge for the class and, if so, what is included.

Employment isn't guaranteed, however taking a tax course can boost your application. For example, H&R Block's Careers website says: "Many H&R Block tax professionals have successfully taken and passed the H&R Block Income Tax Course. If you are already a seasoned tax preparer, we invite you to take the Tax Knowledge Assessment test and possibly "test out" of the tax course."

Other companies provide free training. Free training classes may charge for books and class materials. So, again, check before you sign up to see what training is provided and how much it will cost if there is a fee.

Apply Direct

One way of finding tax jobs is to apply directly at the employer's website.

In most cases, you'll be able to apply online for seasonal tax positions including tax professional, processing, advising and administrative jobs:

Search for Tax Prep Jobs Online

Another way to find income tax preparation jobs, especially at smaller companies, is to use the job search engines. Here's how to use the job search engines to find a tax season job.