Solving Tax Issues

Tax problems can be solved. By staying calm and focused, it's possible to defend a tax return being audited or pay off tax debts.
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What Is IRS Form 8606?
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How Far Back Can You File Back Taxes?
Reasons Why the IRS would Remove a Federal Tax Lien: It was filed in error, the balance has been paid in full, a compromise has been reached, or the lien becomes unenforceable
Tips to Prevent and Remove Federal Tax Liens from Appearing on Your Credit Report
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How to File IRS IRS Form 656
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Learn About Tax Refunds, IRS Audits, and Collections
Tax Consultancy
The 7 Best Tax Relief Companies of 2022
What to know about the IRS' tiebreaker rules Dependency exemption almost always goes to the parent who is given legal custody of the child by court order Assuming the child did somehow manage to spend exactly the same amount of time in each parent's home during the tax year, dependency exemption goes to the parent with the highest adjusted gross income If granted dependency exemption, file a tax return listing the correct dependents To prep for the subsequent audit, gather any records indicating that your child lived with you and when, like school and medical records
IRS Tiebreaker Rules for Multiple Taxpayers Claiming the Same Dependent
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Can't Pay Your Taxes? Here Are Some Options
What Happens If I Don't File a Tax Return for a Few Years?
What Happens If You Don't File Taxes?
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What Is Tax Information Privacy?
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What Are Your Payment Options if You Owe the IRS?
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Filing a Late Tax Return and Protecting Your Refunds
Steps to Take if You Contributed Too Much to Your Roth IRA: Withdraw the excess contribution If you’ve already filed your tax return, you can withdraw some or all of your Roth IRA contributions up to six months after the original due date of your return Move the Roth contribution to the following tax year Move the money to a traditional IRA Do nothing—and pay an excise tax of 6% every year the excess contributions remain in the IRA
Your Options for Excess Roth IRA Contributions
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How To Avoid and Resolve IRS Audits Over Claiming Dependents
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How to Request a Partial Payment Installment Agreement with the IRS
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You May Be Entitled to a Social Security Tax Refund
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How to File Form 433-A
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Installment Agreements for Paying Federal Tax Debts
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Options for Paying Off Tax Debts With the IRS
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What To Do If You Receive an Incorrect W-2 Form
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Wondering When You Will Get Your Tax Return?
An IRS Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return.
Simple Steps for Getting Your Tax Transcript
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You Don't Have to File Your Tax Return by April 15: Ask for More Time.
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Does the IRS Owe You Money?
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What Is "Currently Not Collectible"?
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Is It Too Late if You Forgot to Claim Your IRA Deduction?
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Why Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy Are Not Taxable Income
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What to Do When You Can't Pay Your Income Taxes on Time
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Tax Penalties for U.S. Citizen Overseas Unaware of Their Citizenship
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What Is an IRS Tax Audit?
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How to Use an Offer in Compromise to Settle Your Tax Debt
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How the Taxpayer Advocate Service Helps Taxpayers
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Why Your Tax Refund Is Delayed