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The U.S. tax code doesn't change frequently, but when it does, it can have a major effect on your life. From small form changes to major policy shifts, The Balance's tax coverage keeps you informed.
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Is Child Credit Still Relief Bill’s Best-Kept Secret?
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4M to Receive Refunds Under Jobless Benefit Tax Break
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Taxpayer Advocate Calls IRS Backlog 'Historically High'
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Want Child Tax Credit Cash ASAP? Use This New IRS Tool
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First Child Tax Credit Payment Opt-Out Deadline Is Here
Tax Forms and Computer
Life Changes and Capital Gains Hikes: It’s Complicated
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Taxpayers Now Can Opt To Delay Payment of Child Credit
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Don't File Taxes? IRS Unveils Child Credit Registration
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You’ve Got Mail: IRS Sends Update on Child Tax Credit
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IRS Distributes 1.1 Million More ‘Plus-Up’ Payments
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2.8 Million Refunds for Unemployment Taxes Are Coming
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Money Lessons for Kids Could Cost You the Kiddie Tax
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Why You Might Want To Delay Child Tax Credit Money
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IRS Doles Out 900,000 More ‘Plus-Up’ Payments
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Avoid a Shock at Tax Time by Adjusting Withholding Now
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Miss Monday’s Tax Filing Deadline? No Need to Panic
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First Tax Refunds From Benefit Break to Come This Week
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Taxes Are Due. If You’re Not Set, Here’s What To Know
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Tax Refunds Are Delayed As IRS Works To Cut Backlog
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New Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments To Start in July
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As Tax Season Continues, IRS Issues Tip for Next Year
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IRS Establishes New Office to Root Out Tax Cheaters
Financial Advisor Helping Seniors
States Still Spinning from Tax Season Curveballs
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Time’s Up! First Estimated Payment Is Due Thursday
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Tax Cheats Cost US $1 Trillion per Year, IRS Says
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Tax Day 2021: Your Questions Answered
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Refunds on Unemployment Taxes To Come As Soon As May
An older Black couple work with a tax professional to add to tax-advantaged funds.
IRS Gives Savers an Extra Month to Salt Away 2020 Funds
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IRS Seen as Unfairly Excluding Those Who Pay Own Taxes
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Bring on the E-Filings! Tax Firms Set for Benefit Twist
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Top 1% Makes Up More Than a Third of Unpaid Taxes
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IRS to Issue Automatic Refunds for Unemployment Taxes
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Federal Tax Deadline Moved to May 17
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IRS: Early Filers Sit Tight on Jobless Benefit Change
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You Might Need to Refile to Get Unemployment Tax Break
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The First Question on the 1040 Tax Form? Bitcoin.
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This Year's New Pandemic-Driven Tax Benefits
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The IRS Opens for Business and Urges Early Filing
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Waiting for the Dust to Settle Before Filing Taxes? Don’t.
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Don't Recognize That 1099 Form? Don't Pay Taxes on It
No taxes on stimulus
Will I Be Taxed on My Stimulus Check?
A teacher wearing a N95 Face masks teaches mathematics at an High School
Educators Get a Tax Break on Pandemic Supplies
A 30 year old man works on his finances at his kitchen table. He is working on his bank account numbers and preparing to pay his taxes. Times are tough and making ends meet is difficult.
Millions Ambushed by Taxes on Their Unemployment Checks
Worried businesswoman in the office
Tax Season May Start Late, But You Should File Early
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Free 2020 Tax Forms Available for Early Filers
Human Resources recruiting new employees, COVID-19 pandemic
Employers Can Offer New Student Loan Perk Through 2025
A man wearing a mask places money into a Salvation Army donation ringer at Rockefeller Center on November.
This Giving Season, Take Advantage of New Tax Incentive
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Finally, No More Filing Amended Tax Returns by Mail
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Still Waiting on Your Tax Refund? You Have a Small Bonus Coming