Target REDcard Review

One of the Better Store Cards

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Anyone who's shopped at Target has no doubt been offered the Target REDcard, Target's credit card that lets you save on each purchase. If you're a Target shopper, and you're thinking about getting the Target REDcard, here's what you need to know.

Target REDcard Details

Sign-up Bonus $35 off a qualifying $70 purchase through June 15, 2019
Rewards Rate 5% off at Target and other participating stores
Ongoing APR 25.15%
Late Payment Fee Up to $39
This card has no annual fee, intro APR, balance transfer, foreign transaction fee, or recommended credit score

Pros & Cons of Target REDcard

What We Like

  • 5% off at Target, Starbucks, and other participating stores

  • Good APR for a store card

  • No annual fees

What We Don't Like

  • No points or rewards outside of Target and a few other retailers

  • No balance transfer or cash advance

Target REDcard Sign-up Bonus

If you are approved for a Target REDcard by June 15, 2019, you can get $35 off a future $70 purchase. This offer expires after June 15.

Earning Points & Rewards

You get a 5% discount on purchases at Target and whenever you use your Target REDcard for purchases—that means every day, 365 days a year. This isn't a rewards program where you accumulate a certain amount of cash back to use for future purchases. The discount is automatic—you don't have to sign up, enroll, or make a redemption to get the benefit.

The Target REDcard even beats other store credit cards that only offer a discount on purchases you make the first day you open your account. Instead, the Target REDcard gives you a discount starting the day you open the account—and lasts forever. There is also no annual fee ​on the Target REDcard. That means you can enjoy discounts on all your purchases at no cost—as long as you pay your balance in full each month.

It's worth noting that not all your Target purchases will qualify for the discount. Exemptions include such things as target's optical eye exam, gift cards, gift wrapping, previous purchases, certain restaurant merchants in Target stores, such as D’Amico & Sons Italian Kitchen and Pret A Manger, and wireless protection program purchases—as well as deposits required by mobile carriers.

If you're a coffee-lover, you get 5% off your purchase when you use your Target REDcard at any in-store Starbucks location. Additionally, you get free two-day shipping ​on purchases when you use your Target REDcard, as long as you choose standard shipping. Although, you'll have to pay for upgraded shipping methods, such as overnight delivery.

Target REDcard's Other Features

  • Early access to special products & promotions
  • Exclusive extras, including special items, offers & 10% off coupon on your REDcard anniversary
  • Free shipping on most items at
  • 30 extra days for returns
  • Online account management
  • Stack your 5% REDcard savings with Cartwheel and Target Subscriptions savings

Target REDcard's Additional Fees

Returned Payment Fee Up to $28
This card has no penalty APR, cash advance, or overlimit fee

Is This Card Right For You?

Should you get the Target REDcard? That question depends entirely on how much you shop at target. As far as store cards go, this one has a low APR and decent perks like 5% at various vendors, free shipping, and occasional bonus days. But if you don't shop at Target that much, a general points card that pays back wherever you shop might be better.

Next Steps

To apply for a Target REDcard, go to the Target website.