Are You Taking Your Clients' Security Seriously?

Google Drive Transaction File Storage

Encryption of Google Drive Files
Jim Kimmons

This is one of my Differentiation Series of articles on how to position yourself apart from your competitors.

 I love Google Drive, as it allows me to keep a mirror copy of my hard drive important files in the cloud.  I keep my real estate transaction files there, and I share them with my clients.  However, in the past, I've relied upon Google Drive to protect the files, and they are not encrypted for security.

I can share my transaction file folder with my clients during and after the transaction closes.  I also save all transaction emails there as a pdf file in reverse chronological order.  So, there is a lot of private conversations and information in these transaction folders.  I found that in today's world, people want their information to be secure.

After a great deal of online research, I found a set of integrated tools to encrypt selected Google Drive folders and even share end-to-end encrypted files with my clients without them having to do anything extra to open them.

BoxCryptor for Client File Encryption

Boxcryptor Folder for Encryption
Jim Kimmons

 To get the job done, I found BoxCryptor software.  It creates a destination on my drive as you see in the image.  There I can have it maintain a linkage to my Google Drive transaction folders, meaning they're still on Google Drive, but I can open, encrypt and decrypt them from within this Boxcryptor destination area.

I placed arrows to show you that this is a segment of my hard drive for Boxcryptor.  Also, you can see that there is one file with "-encrypted" at the end of the file name.  Let's go to the next step to see how I got that done.

Encrypting a File With Right-Click

Encrypting With Boxcryptor
Jim Kimmons

 The image shows my right-click menu after Boxcryptor is installed and when I'm within the Boxcryptor area/window.  I simply highlight the file or folder I want to encrypt the file, so I right-click and choose Encrypt.

Boxcryptor actually encrypts the file in the Google Drive folder, which means both on my hard drive and the mirror file on Google Drive.  If I or anyone else tries to open it on Google Drive, there will either be gibberish or it won't open at all, prompting for a download.

The only way to open it as an unencrypted file is through the Boxcryptor area/window.  Clicking it there opens it as an unencrypted file automatically without any passwords or special efforts.

I can also decrypt it with the right-click window if I no longer need or want encryption.  That's all great for me, but I want my clients, with little or no extra effort, to be able to receive encrypted files and open them.  Let's see how that works next.

Sharing Encrypted Files Easily for Clients

Sharing Encrypted Files
Jim Kimmons

 As we progress through a transaction, I'm constantly sharing transaction documents with my clients, so this is a great feature.  Let's say I just received a signed purchase agreement and want to send it along to my clients.

It's encrypted, so I simply right click and you see in the image that I can select the "Create Whisply Link" option.  This creates a link that I can email to my clients.  I even get an option as to how long it will be available for decryption in days weeks or a month.

The file goes all of the way to their email inbox as an encrypted file.  However, using the link I send, they simply click it and an unencrypted version opens for them.  Whisply is available with the paid version of Boxcryptor, which is $48 per year as I write this.

This is an article in the Differentiation series.  As you can see, you're going to really set yourself apart from your competitors by marketing your fully encrypted document delivery services.  Make it one of your feature set items on your website and in marketing emails.  People are more concerned with information security than ever before in this era of identity theft.  Let them know you're looking after them from end-to-end, online and off.