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Win free Super Bowl tickets, trips to the Big Game, and other Super Bowl prizes

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Want to Go to the Super Bowl... for Free?

The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year for football fans. Whether your favorite team is playing or not, attending is a thrill that you'll never forget. If you've ever dreamed of watching the Big Game live and in person, Super Bowl Sweepstakes could be your answer.

Every year, reputable companies give away free Super Bowl tickets, memorabilia, and all-expenses-paid trips to the Big Game.

The best of the best Super Bowl contests and giveaways are listed here each year.

If you'd like to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a price you can afford, why not take your shot at being one of the winners? Entering is fun and easy, and a few seconds of your time could result in winning an amazing prize.

How to Win Super Bowl Tickets:

Most companies start offering Super Bowl sweepstakes during the football season. Starting in the fall and lasting until after the Super Bowl, this page is updated daily with chances to win Big Game prizes. 

During the football season, check this page regularly to find new opportunities to win and to re-enter daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways to improve your odds of winning.

If you're new to sweepstakes, be sure to read How to Enter Online Sweepstakes Like a Pro to learn how to get started and to avoid making any mistakes that could cost you prizes.

Winning Super Bowl Prizes in the Off-Season:

Even during the off-season, there are some things that you can do to help yourself win Super Bowl tickets and other prizes:

  1. Enter to Win Cash Sweepstakes: Super Bowl sweepstakes might only be available around the football season, but companies offer cash sweepstakes year-round. If you win some money, you can use it to buy your own tickets to the Big Game.
  2. Check Out the Sports Sweepstakes List: Off-season Super Bowl giveaways or chances to win memorabilia from your favorite players will be listed on the Sports Sweepstakes page. Plus, you might find other giveaways, such as tickets to see your favorite team play.
  1. Enter to Win Free Vacations: Check out this list of US Vacation Sweepstakes and, with some luck, you could win yourself a trip to the next Super Bowl destination. It's not quite as good as winning an entire Big Game trip, but it could make attending the Super Bowl affordable.

There are no current 2016/2017 Super Bowl sweepstakes to enter. Check back here when the football season starts for a daily updated list of 2016 Super Bowl Sweepstakes to enter.

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