Summer Jobs for Kids of All Ages

Even though they might not be old enough for a part-time job, most kids want to earn their own money as soon as they discover shopping malls. Some of them want to help contribute to the family budget, and others want to save for college, while still others just want a little extra spending cash. 

When they're on summer break (or even the week of during spring break), kids have a lot of extra time they can spend doing various jobs. There are lots of great jobs for kids that can help them learn about responsibility. The pay rates will vary based on location and the nature of the job. Your child's age will also be a factor, because younger children aren't eligible for some jobs. 

Lawn Mowing

Girl mowing lawn with dad overlooking
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Lawn mowing is a great job for children who like to be outdoors. Determine if your child will use your mower or the homeowner's mower. Lawn mowing can be a one-time gig or a regular and ongoing one if they find a client they like working for who has a lot of grass in their yard.  More

Yard Work

Hispanic father and daughter gardening together
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If your child is too young to mow lawns, they may be able to help out with other yard work that homeowners need. Various tasks could include raking leaves, spreading mulch, or planting flowers. More


Teenage female lifeguard (14-16) blowing whistle, side view
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Lifeguarding can be a great summer job if your child likes to swim. Teens who get a job lifeguarding also get a chance to spend time outdoors at the beach or the pool. Any teen seeking a lifeguarding job will need to be trained in swimming and take a lifeguarding course to learn CPR and other first aid. Lifeguard jobs fill quickly during the summer and some age limits apply, so get information on these jobs several months ahead of time if your child is interested.  More

Lemonade Stand

Boy with lemonade stand
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A lemonade stand is always a fun business adventure for kids. While it won't be a regular job, holding a lemonade sale once or twice during the summer could yield some extra spending money. More


Woman paying teenage nanny (14-15) for taking care of her son
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Babysitting jobs are available year round but may be more prevalent during the summer months. The Red Cross is one of the several organizations that offers babysitter classes to prepare 11- to 15-year-olds, training them in CPR and first aid. 

Before your child takes a babysitting job, make sure he or she is mature enough to deal with small children. Some previous experience, such as with younger children, is ideal training. More

Dog Walker

Girl Running with Leashed Wire Fox Terrier
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Dogs need to get out for exercise all year long, but in the summertime, your kids will have extra time.  Make sure that your child feels comfortable with dogs before they take them for a walk the first time. Children who have dogs at home are more likely to find dog walking a natural fit, but any child old enough can do this job. More

Car Wash

Father and daughter washing car
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If you want to teach your child the value of hard work, and your child enjoys being outside in the sun, getting wet, and playing with the hose, encouraging your child to run a kid's car wash can be an excellent choice of summer jobs. More

Summer Nanny

Preschool Teacher or Daycare Worker Helping Children with Finger Paint
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There are many summer nanny positions available. Many parents are on budgets, so they seek to hire younger people instead of expensive day care centers for the summer. This is a bit different than babysitting and is suitable for older teenagers, not younger kids. More

Online Jobs

Mother watching son using laptop in kitchen
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Doing surveys or selling crafts online can be a fun way to fill some time during spring or summer break if you and your kids have bad weather and find yourself indoors with nothing to do. Just be sure to get your parents help when you explore online jobs for kids and keep safety first. More