Age-Appropriate Summer Jobs for 13-Year-Olds

By age 13 most kids have had some kind of job, whether it's doing chores around the house, shoveling snow, or taking care of younger siblings. In most states, the legal age to begin working in traditional part-time jobs is 14, but there are still many jobs that a 13-year-old can do. 

There's no set pay scale for most of these jobs, but a little research will let you figure out what the going rate is. There is no limit on how much a 13-year-old can earn but there is usually a restriction on the number of hours a child this age can work, depending on the state. 

Over the summer break, there are many opportunities for 13-year-olds to earn money. Here are a few options. 


Girls having fun making pizza with babysitter.
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Babysitting is a year-round job that can be even more lucrative for 13-year-olds during the summer months when they have more availability. The Red Cross is one of the several organizations that offers babysitter classes to prepare 11 to 15-year-olds, training them in CPR and first aid. 

As long as your 13-year-old has some experience caring for younger children, there's no reason he or she can't build up a nice client base of families in the neighborhood.  More

Lawn Mowing

Boy and Lawn Mower
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During the summer months, a 13-year-old who knows his or her way around a lawnmower can make a nice steady income taking care of lawns in neighborhoods. 

Doing extra yard work like raking clippings and pulling weeds could add value to your 13-year-old's lawn care services. Other tasks could include raking leaves, spreading mulch, or planting flowers.

Be sure to determine if your child will use your mower or the homeowner's mower. More

Dog Walker

Girl walking dog on forest path
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Dogs need to get out for exercise all year long, but in the summertime your kids will have extra time to walk them. By age 13, most kids may be able to handle more than one dog at a time. Make sure that your child feels comfortable with dogs before they take them for a walk the first time. More

Pet or House Sitter

Girl training dog to shake paw
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This is an ideal job for a 13-year-old: Looking after a neighbor's house while they're out of town. Some responsibilities typically include feeding the family dog or cat a few times a day, watering plants, and bringing in newspapers, mail or other deliveries.  More


Preteen student using computer during tutoring session after school
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Over the summer, students who may need summer school, or who want to get ahead for the upcoming school year may need tutoring help. For kids who excel in a particular subject, tutoring can be a way to earn some good extra money while helping other students.

Washing Cars

Boys reflection in a window of a car
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Washing cars is a good warm-weather activity that a 13-year-old can do pretty easily. It's a good idea to give them a trial run to give them a little confidence, but as long as they can use a sponge and a hose, they can probably earn some decent money for each car they wash.  More

Junior Counselor

Most summer camps run regular programs for children through age 12. 13-year-olds are too young to be paid counselors, but many camps are glad to offer programs for "junior counselors" (sometimes called Counselors in Training or CITs). Junior counselors may or may not actually pay for their summer experience, but either way, they gain valuable experience and references and pave the way for future employment.