Summer Job Search for Students

Searching for a summer job? Here is job search advice for students including how to find job listings, how to apply for jobs, resumes and cover letters, interview questions, what to wear to an interview, plus summer job search tips.

How to Find a Summer Job

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Here's how to find a summer job, including tips for job hunting, where to find job postings, summer camp jobs, how to get working papers and more summer job resources for students.

Before you start your job search, check out the types of summer jobs that are available for students:


How to Apply for Summer Jobs

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Here's how to apply for summer jobs, along with the information you will need to apply, job applications, resumes and cover letters, plus summer job search tips and advice on where to look to find a terrific summer job. More

Summer Job Search Tips for HS Students

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High school students have been able to land positions in this competitive market by using these strategies for finding summer job opportunities, for interviewing successfully, and for following up with employers to make the best impression possible. More

Summer Job Resumes Examples

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Review summer job resume examples to use to apply for part-time and full-time summer jobs and internships. Use the samples to get ideas for your own resume, then customize your resume so it highlights the related experience, school work, school activities, and volunteering specific to the summer job you are interested in. More

Summer Job Cover Letter Examples

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Here are summer job cover letter examples and cover letter templates to use for summer job applications. Be sure to personalize your letters to reflect your experience and interests. More

Summer Job Interview Questions

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When you are interviewing for a summer job, you'll be asked about your ability to do the job as well as your schedule and your availability to work. In addition, the interviewer will want to know about your ability to work with others. More

Summer Job Interview Tips

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When you have landed the interview, what can you do to capitalize on this opportunity and convert it to a job offer for the summer? Effective preparation, delivery and follow up will all critical to your success. Here are the top ten tips for successfully interviewing for a summer job. More

What to Wear to an Interview

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Applying for a teen part-time or summer job is a little different from applying for a full-time professional position. Dress should be, at the least, neat and tidy. Business casual is usually appropriate. For example, khakis and a neat tucked in polo shirt would work well. Here's to what to wear, including photos of appropriate interview attire. More

Summer Youth Employment Programs

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Summer Youth Employment Programs provide summer work experience for youth, matching up teens with entry-level jobs at local organizations, providing a source of income, work experience, and fostering skills necessary for academic and professional success. Here's more information on Summer Youth Employment Programs, including eligibility, how to apply, and how to find a program in your area. More