Summer Cashier Cover Letter Example

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When applying for a summer cashier position, include any previous customer service experience, along with examples of your leadership and communication skills, in your cover letter.

Providing examples of difficult customers you've dealt with, and your reflection on how things could have been handled differently, shows the employer you are looking to grow as an employee and succeed in any position.

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Below is a sample summer cashier cover letter to use as a guide. Also, see below for a cashier resume example.

Summer Cashier Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Knight,

Please accept my enthusiastic application to work as a cashier at the Pink Creamery Ice Cream Shop. I would love the opportunity to be a hardworking employee at your establishment. I believe my excellent customer service and leadership abilities would make me an ideal employee.

Your advertisement specifies that you require an employee who is comfortable working in customer service. As a cashier at a grocery store for three years, I have experience providing friendly service to customers even during the busiest hours of service. As a member of my university’s entertainment committee, I have gained further experience in customer service, making arrangements, and providing accommodations for a variety of artists and other performers.

I am always ready with a smile and a helping hand for any customer.

Finally, you state that employees must be leaders, capable of running the cash register alone for periods of time. I have extensive leadership experience; I have run meetings for my high school’s literary magazine as literary editor, and I served as my track team’s captain.

Both positions required making difficult decisions during stressful times; for example, when a team member was injured right before a race, the track coach and I had to decide who would take her place. As literary editor, I also had to make every last-minute decision about the organization of our magazine.

I am confident that I can handle stressful situations and make important decisions while working as a cashier for your store. I am therefore certain that my customer service abilities and leadership skills are just the qualities you are looking for at the Pink Creamery Ice Cream Shop.

I have enclosed my resume and will call within the next week to see if we might arrange a time to speak together. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Samantha Fielding

ABC University
111 Education Road
Chicago, IL 60803
Cell: 815-666-9715

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