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Many new college grads enter their 20s with a significant amount of student loans. Learn how the different types of student loans work, how to pay them off, and the alternatives to traditional student loans.
College student talking with financial aid counselor
What Every Student Should Know About Paying for College
Three college-age students focus on exam in classroom
Why Is College So Expensive?
Young black male student talking to his friend while studying together at school.
How Do Student Loans Show Up on Your Credit Report?
a worried college student thinking about his student loan as he looks at a piggy bank near his laptop
The Student Loan Debt Crisis Has Reached Epic Proportions
Young woman working on a laptop at a desk at home.
How to Apply for Student Loans as FAFSA Independent Student
college student studying and using a highlighter with an open book
Dropping out of College Could Cost Students in More Ways Than One.
young girl working on computer with headphones in
Here’s How the Extended Student Loan Repayment Option Works
college student working a part-time babysitting job with two young children
10 Sides Jobs That Pay Quick Cash
a circle of college students studying outside on a grassy area
Are Your Student Loan Rates Average—Or Are You Paying Too Much?
Graduates during commencement at a university
5 Benefits of Paying Off Student Loans Early
Mature woman helps her daughter study for exam. The daughter gestures while looking at the computer.
Private Student Loans: An Option for Borrowing After Government Loans
A young woman explores her student loan options.
How to Get Student Loans If You Have Bad Credit
A college coach advises a student via video conference.
Should You Hire a College Coach for Your Student?
Two female college students talking and relaxing in a dorm room
Is Living on or Off-Campus Better?
Student Holding Her Face in Her Hands at a Table in Front of a Laptop.
What Is Automatic Student Loan Disaster Forbearance?
Young Couple Looking Concerned While Reading Paperwork at Laptop on Coffee Table
Student Loan Forbearance Explained: What It Is and When To Use It
A recent grad looks over her student loan statements.
Student Loan Debt Stats in the U.S. (Some Might Surprise You)
Mother Helps Son at Laptop Make Online College Applications
How Many Colleges Should You Apply To? Here’s the Answer
Young woman reviewing student loan document with a professional
What Is a Master Promissory Note?
Male Student Outdoor
Student Loans Could Help or Hurt Your Credit—It All Depends On You
A same sex couple celebrates their marriage in front of their gather family and friends
Having Student Debt Doesn’t Have To Be a Marriage Deal Breaker
College student studying and using digital tablet while sitting on stairway.
Everything You Need to Know About Direct PLUS Loans
College students study together at a table in a gathering area of a university
What Is a For-Profit College?
Man wearing headphones uses laptop in front of glass university windows and pillars
Confused About Student Loan Interest? Here’s How It Works
illustration showing one smartphone sending money to another smartphone
The Best Ways to Send Your College Student Money
College girl in the student lounge
Need Student Loans? Start With Federal Loans
5 Things You Don't Need to Buy for College – and 5 Things You Do
Learn if it's better to graduate faster with more debt or slower with less debt.
Should I Borrow More to Finish College or Work and Stay Debt-Free?
Student Loan Officer with Student and Her Mother
Before You Borrow, Learn More About These Federal Student Loans.
Illustration of students choosing university from a store shelf display
Check the College Scorecard to See How Your Tuition Dollars Spent
Frustrated woman holding her head in her hand looking at her student loan statement
Should You Co-Sign for Student Loans?
College student sits on the floor of a library stacks studying
What Are Federal Student Loans?
Student Loan Paperwork and Brochure with Pencil on a Table
How to Decide Between Federal vs. Private Student Loans
A woman works on her taxes with her young daughter who is holding a calculator
Jobs in the College Planning Industry
Female student studying with textbook with other students working at desks behind her.
Why You Shouldn’t Refinance Federal Student Loans During COVID-19
Older Woman Hugging Young Woman Graduate With Black Cap and Gown On
Everything You Need to Know About Parent PLUS Loans
A young couple weighs the pros and cons of a student loan cash-out refinance.
What Is a Student Loan Cash-out Refinance?
Female loan officer talks with young woman and her mom about obtaining a student loan.
How to Use the PAYE Repayment Plan to Lower Student Loan Payments
Young college student studying a campus map outside of a dorm building
Visiting Colleges in Summer Can Make a Big Difference
What to Do If You Can't Pay Your Student Loans
A borrower smiles after completing her final PSLF payment.
How To Apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Tired college student worries over an assignment at a table with a cup of coffee and glasses nearby
What Is Navient?
A recent college grad sets up his student loan servicer account.
What Is a Student Loan Servicer?
A woman with natural hair and glasses holds a paper in her hand and looks at her laptop screen
How To Get Loan Forgiveness With an Income-Driven Repayment Plan
A college senior considers her options for student loan repayment.
How to Calculate Income for an Income-Driven Repayment Plan
A college student calculates the cost of various student-loan repayment plans.
How a Graduated Student Loan Repayment Might Work for You
Jobless New Grads: What to Do When Student Loans Come Due
A student loan borrower checks her forbearance status.
When Do I Need to Start Making Federal Student Loan Payments Again?
A college student looks over her interest-rate options.
Fixed- or Variable-Rate: Which Should You Choose in a Recession?
A young woman at an apartment's mailbox sorts through mail she received
What Is Great Lakes Student Loans?
Loan officer talks with mother and daughter
What Is Sallie Mae?
A university student studies on a laptop.
Young woman looks at student loan statement and phone with laptop
What Is Nelnet?
Group of college students studying and laughing together in the library
What Is American Education Services (AES)?
College students on campus
What Is Student Loan Deferment?
Portrait of confident woman
REPAYE vs. PAYE: Which Student Loan Repayment Plan Is Better?
An art teacher teaching students.
How to Get Your Student Loans Forgiven
A husband deals with the loss of his spouse.
What Happens to Your Student Loans When You Die?
Young woman working on student loan applications at laptop on living room floor
What Is Conduent (ACS) Education?
A grad student considers using student loans to finish school.
4 Ways Your Student Loans Are Ruining Your Future Finances
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