Student Credit Cards

A student credit card is a smart choice for someone just starting out on their credit journey. Learn more about what makes a student credit card work, and check our reviews to help you make an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a student credit card?

    Student credit cards are credit cards tailored specifically to college students. Functionally, student credit cards are no different from regular credit cards: You make purchases, earn rewards (in some cases), and pay interest if you carry a balance. Student cards often have less stringent credit requirements than regular cards because most student applicants tend to have weak or nonexistent credit histories.

  • Can I pay tuition with a student credit card?

    Depending on your school’s policies, you can pay for tuition with a credit card, although in most cases, your tuition likely exceeds the credit limit on your student credit card. A student credit card that offers rewards on your spending would be a good choice for other school costs—like textbooks—as long as you’re sure to pay off the balance when it is due. 

  • What should I look for in a student credit card?

    You should look for the same things you would in a traditional credit card: low interest rate (or APR), low or no annual fee, few fees, a credit limit you can responsibly manage. If you opt for a rewards card, choose one with a rewards program that matches your spending habits and that doesn’t encourage you to spend beyond your budget.

  • Can non-students get a student credit card?

    The short answer is no. Most student credit card applications will ask for details about your current education status—where you go to school, your year, and other questions. The issuer may also ask you to provide proof of enrollment, or it may contact the school listed on the application to confirm the details you provide. 

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