Lucky Win Convinces Liz to Start Sweeping - and Win Thousands in Prizes

Liz Describes How She Got Started Entering Sweepstakes

Hi. My name is Liz. I've been entering sweeps since 1984, when I entered a drawing at a grand-opening for a Fina gas station that was giving away a go-cart (with a fiberglass body). On 2 entries, I received a call letting me know that I won, and to come pick it up. Wow. The whole family of nieces and nephews and friends kid's all had a blast with riding it for a while and then I sold it for $500.00.

I'm not bragging about any of this.

I thought that knowing that real people do win really nice sweepstakes would encourage someone that's got a little money to spend on stamps and envelopes.

I won another one from a different gas station at a grand opening a few months after the first one. Then I'd start filling out entry blanks for things being given away at grocery stores, such as kid's bicycles (3), portable basketball systems (won 4 of those, at different times-usually a Minyard based promotion) and gift certificates for food items ($100.00 gc's a few times, and food baskets, meat platters, turkeys, etc.) and I'd usually get a call letting me know I'd won and to come pick it up.

Along with family and friends telling me I was lucky, I started to believe it myself. So, I ran across a newsletter to subscribe to on the internet that published sweepstakes. I subscribed, and haven't looked back since. I've won (along with my husband and daughter after I enter for them):

  • 2 trips to SeaWorld (Orlando)
  • trips to Disneyland and DisneyWorld
  • a trip to Hong Kong (through Turning Leaf Vineyards) in which we requested cash instead due to the incidences of American kidnappings overseas at that time-(we received $12,500.00)
  • trips to NASCAR events (Talladega - from Arby's Roast Beef) and Fort Worth Budweiser 500 (Budweiser).

    My husband's won:

    • a car from 7-Eleven Stores
    • a trip to London from a local radio station
    • a $7,500.00 Polaris ATV from Lowe's Building Supply (which we sold it to the dealer assigned to deliver it for $5,000.00)
    • several digital cameras
    • tons of beach towels and t-shirts and baseball caps
    • tickets to local football games and baseball games
    • a few TV's
    • $10,000.00 Kohl's gift card from Scripps Newsletters
    • a trip to New Orleans from AMC (movie channel) with $1000.00 spending money
    • a trip to see Cream at Madison Square Gardens (all inclusive)
    • a pair of $1,200.00 speakers from Guitar World
    and so much more.

    There's a lot more, and I now keep track with the winning letters posted in a notebook to keep for tax purposes and to keep my morale up when hitting a dry spell, which WILL HAPPEN. It takes patience, but we do win. I usually enter from 1 to 10 times for the sweeps I'm interested in. I'll mix up my envelope colors sometimes, but 90% of the time, I use plain #10's. I usually send a few in the beginning, then one or 2 in the middle, and more towards the last 2 weeks of the sweeps. I do have to budget my cost of doing sweepstakes, and sometimes spend $25-$75 a month, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

    But it only takes ONE stamp to win.

    The attitude of expecting to win is what I think helps it happen. Expect to win, expect to receive that special affidavit in the mail or from UPS/FedEX, and someday, soon, it will happen.