State Tax Web sites

Your State's Tax Website Is a Click Away

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You might find that you need to reach out to your state's taxing authority for any number of reasons. You may need forms, or maybe you just have some questions. Each state and the District of Columbia obligingly provides a website for these situations, complete with contact information if you can't easily find the answers you need. Some websites even offer a few extras. 

  1. Alabama Department of Revenue—also offers an iPhone app
  1. Alaska Department of Revenue—includes information about the state's Permanent Fund Dividend
  2. Arizona Department of Revenue—you can subscribe for news and updates
  3. Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration 
  4. California Franchise Tax Board—includes payment options 
  5. Colorado Department of Revenue
  6. Connecticut Department of Revenue Services—you must register to file and pay online
  7. Delaware Division of Revenue—you can check for unclaimed property here, too 
  8. District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue—includes current press releases
  9. Florida Department of Revenue
  10. Georgia Department of Revenue—also offers motor vehicle information 
  11. Hawaii Department of Taxation—offers audit assistance 
  12. Idaho State Tax Commission
  13. Illinois Department of Revenue
  14. Indiana Department of Revenue—includes FAQs and several online services
  15. Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance
  16. Kansas Department of Revenue—offers refund information and a handy scam alert
  1. Kentucky Revenue Cabinet
  2. Louisiana Department of Revenue—includes a section for taxpayer education 
  3. Maine Revenue Services
  4. Comptroller of Maryland—this state even tells you where your tax dollars go 
  5. Massachusetts Department of Revenue—includes child support services if your ex is expecting a refund 
  6. Michigan Department of Treasury
  1. Minnesota Department of Revenue—sign up for email updates 
  2. Mississippi Department of Revenue
  3. Missouri Department of Revenue—you can file your return here and pay online 
  4. Montana Department of Revenue—also includes an unclaimed property database
  5. Nebraska Department of Revenue
  6. Nevada Department of Taxation
  7. New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration
  8. New Jersey Division of Taxation
  9. New Mexico Taxation and Revenue
  10. New York Department of Taxation and Finance
  11. North Carolina Department of Revenue—if you've received a notice, you can find out what it means here 
  12. North Dakota State Tax Department
  13. Ohio Department of Taxation—find the answers to your questions in "Filing Season Central"
  14. Oklahoma Tax Commission
  15. Oregon Department of Revenue
  16. Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
  17. Rhode Island Division of Taxation—offers free filing of both federal and state returns for some taxpayers 
  18. South Carolina Department of Revenue
  19. South Dakota Department of Revenue
  20. Tennessee Department of Revenue
  21. Texas Window on State Government
  22. Utah State Tax Commission
  23. Vermont Department of Taxes
  24. Virginia Department of Taxation—sign up for email alerts 
  25. Washington Department of Revenue
  26. West Virginia Department of Revenue 
  27. Wisconsin Department of Revenue—you can apply online for a payment plan 
  1. Wyoming Department of Revenue

These sites are all pretty comprehensive—we've just mentioned some highlights. Visit your state's website for a closer look.