Spread32 Review

Spread32 is a portable, free spreadsheet program that works with desktops and several mobile devices.

All the regular features of a spreadsheet program are included, like hundreds of formulas and support for common file formats.

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  • Clean and open interface
  • Doesn't require installation (portable)
  • Includes common spreadsheet options
  • Compact toolbars
  • Supports common file formats
  • Very small (2 MB)


    • Most of the features are very basic
    • No spell check


    • Works with Windows, Android, and various other devices
    • Spread32 works with common spreadsheet files like XLS, CSV, and PXL
    • Includes over 300 functions in categories such as math and trig, engineering, lookup and reference, logical, and financial
    • Cells can be formatted to hold currencies, fractions, text, dates, and more
    • The border, alignment, font, and pattern can be adjusted for cells
    • You can freeze panes in Spread32
    • Cells can be locked and/or hidden
    • Line, bar, column, pie, scatter, area, doughnut, and radar charts can be inserted
    • Data can be filtered
    • Group, check, list, and combo boxes can be inserted, as well as command and option buttons, scroll bars, and labels
    • Lines, connectors, basic shapes and arrows, flowchart items, stars, banners, and callouts can be drawn onto a sheet in Spread32
    • URLs and other external files can be referenced from a link
    • Up to three conditional formatting rules can be set

    My Thoughts on Spread32

    I really like that Spread32 is completely portable - and super tiny at that. This makes it perfect for placing on a flash drive.

    There isn't much to say about Spread32 that separates it from similar spreadsheet programs. It's nice that common features are included, though, like being able to add charts and use hundreds of formulas.

    It's too bad there isn't a spell check feature, but I think the fact that Spread32 is really easy to use makes up for that downfall. If you're looking for a program that does have spell check, try OpenOffice Calc for automatic spell check or Kingsoft Spreadsheets for one that has a manual spell check feature.

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