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Amy Trask
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Twitter is a great way to immerse yourself in learning about the sports industry. You can take part in Twitter chats where industry professionals and those looking to break into the industry gather to discuss topics of interest.

You can also follow journalists who cover your favorite sports and share information in real time about action on the field and business activities off the field.

Don't Just Follow, Interact

Another interesting way you can benefit is to follow and engage with industry leaders.

By including that person's Twitter handle or replying to their tweet, you can have a dialogue with people you would otherwise likely never get to meet or interact with on a personal level.

Of course, you should proceed cautiously and with respect, as bombarding anyone on Twitter could be seen as bothersome or even as harassment.

Keeping that warning in mind, here are some sports industry professionals and experts who have regularly shown an interest in interacting on the Twitter platform, including their Twitter handles, their Twitter bios and a few comments about their interests and expertise.

Amy Trask

@AmyTrask, 19K followers, Football Analyst - CBS Sports Board - Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation Board - Far Niente Wine Estates Advisory Board - LASEC.

Trask spent years working directly with the late Al Davis in her trailblazing role as the CEO of the Raiders. She works now in a variety of roles and is completing a book project.

This quote from her Twitter timeline captures her willingness to engage with others on the platform "Good morning Twitter Village - it is a privilege & a pleasure to enjoy reasoned & reasonable dialogue with you." We need more people to share in that mindset.

Dave Flemming

@FlemmingDave, 62K followers, Sports broadcaster.

SF Giants, ESPN.

Flemming is a rising star at ESPN, calling college football (paired with Mack Brown on Friday night's last season), college basketball and Major League Baseball games. In addition, he has called play by play for the San Francisco Giants for since 2004. Because of the array of sports he calls, he can share insights on a variety of sports-related topics, as well as topics beyond sports.

Susan Slusser

@susanslusser, 50K followers, SF Chronicle's A's beat writer since 1999, MLB Network corresp., BBWAA prez 2012-2013, author 100 Things A's Fans Should Know & Do.

Slusser is the long-time beat writer for the Oakland A's and was the first female president of the Baseball Writers of America, so like Trask she is a trailblazer for women in the sports industry. While she is an expert of MLB, as evidenced by here regular appearances on the MLB Network, she also will be assigned to other important Bay Area sporting events. For example, she recently covered the San Jose Sharks Western Conference Finals series. A quick glance under "Tweets & replies" in her timeline shows how willing she is to engage with fans and others interested in her beats.

Leigh Steinberg

@LeighSteinberg, Founder Steinberg Sports & Entertainment.

40+ years repping athletes, brands & celebrities. Treasure relationships. Make a positive impact.

Steinberg is a famed sports agent and the inspiration for the title character in Jerry Maguire. On Twitter, he is active in sharing information about his clients and interacting/sharing fans tweets. A must follow for those interested in becoming sports agents.

Mark Cuban

@mcuban, 5M followers, Cyber Dust ID: blogmaverick.

Cuban is known in sports for owning the Dallas Mavericks. He famously claims to answer emails from fans and that tendency to engage certainly extends to his interactions on Twitter. He tweets about sports and business and is especially focused on the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). He is certainly worth following, whether he interacts with you directly or not.

Doug Gottlieb

@GottliebShow, 223K followers, Former college/pro hooper - Host of the Doug Gottlieb Show on CBS Sports Radio/CBSSN - CBS College Basketball Analyst - Don't take life or my tweets too seriously.

Gottlieb is a national sports talk show host and college hoops announcer/expert for CBS. You might think that those responsibilities would leave him with little time to engage on Twitter. And if you thought that, you would be wrong. Gottlieb is a consistent conversationalist on the Twitter platform. His ongoing banter with fans during live televised sporting events is always worth checking out.

Steve Lavin

@SteveLavin, 16K followers, #Cancer Survivor @FoxSports @Pac12Networks Analyst. #Coach #UCLA #StJohns. 8 #NCAA Tourneys. 5 Sweet 16s. Formerly @ESPN @ABC.

Lavin is a former hoops coach turned basketball analyst. And in his new role, he actively engages fans throughout the year, not just during college basketball season.

Andy Glockner

@AndyGlockner, 27K followers, Co-founder @TheCauldron. Author: Chasing Perfection. 2016 Sloan speaker.

Glockner a high volume tweeter as evidenced by his over 200,000 tweets. A good percentage of those are dedicated to conversing with others on Twitter. Side note: I wrote a review of his book as part of the Career Library series.

Put Together Your Own List

This list, of course, is just a sampling of people that are active on Twitter. And you can see that they are primarily from the Bay Area (where I live) or cover/work in sports I am interested in (basketball and baseball).

But the purpose of the list is to inspire you to create your own focused on your areas of interest within the sports industry. Start by searching under the hashtag #sportsbiz to identify new people to follow, who are active on Twitter.

Be sure to follow local sports media personalities. In many cases, they are willing to put in the time and effort to engage on Twitter, in part to show their worth to their companies.

Also, be attentive to the people you already follow on Twitter and notice who is willing to interact.  It could change the way you use Twitter.

Finally, share feel free to share your favorite Twitter accounts for sports industry engagement with me @RichCampbellPhD, as I'm always on the hunt for interesting sources of sports industry information.

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