4 Best iPhone Apps for Splitting Bills and Tracking IOUs

Top 4 Bill Sharing and IOU Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad

iOS apps split bills and share expenses.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and you have roommates, friends or colleagues with whom you often need to split expenses with, you'll want to download one of these apps. All of these apps split bills for you automatically (some do uneven splits when needed) and then they track who has paid and who hasn't, and you can have IOU reminders sent out directly from the app to get a friend to pay up. Some of the apps have an online bill sharing app as an added convenience.

Here are our picks for apps that help you share bills:


Share expenses with Splitwise iOS app.
Splitwise, Inc.

Splitwise is a great app for sharing rent, utilities and other bills with roommates, to keep a reminder if you pick up the tab for a meal when others promise to pay you back for their portion, or to share any kind of group expense.

Use the app along with the online app at splitwise.com to track IOUs, send email reminders to those who owe you a repayment and to see balances. You can also split bills with Android users, but the Android app does not have identical features.

The Splitwise iOS app is nicely laid out with easy to read numbers and group member names. Icons show alongside different types of expenses, and you can delete a friend from a split bill once they pay up to really keep the screen clean.

Splitwise is available in over a dozen languages.

SpotMe Payments

Use SpotMe Payments to track IOUs on your iOS device.
Boomerang Digital

SpotMe is a great looking, colorful iOS app that goes social with Facebook optimization and free group messaging. Split bills at restaurants, with roommates and others, then track balances to ensure that you get paid back.

You can track group balances and individual IOUs, split bills evenly or create custom splits and send reminders to those who still owe you money. SpotMe has weekly and daily summary reports and you can add notes, photos, and descriptions to expenses and payments.

Use Currency Plus via in-app purchase for multiple currency support.​


Use BillPin to split bills on your iPhone or iPad.

BillPin for iOS is easy to use to split bills and then keep track of who has paid up, especially among Facebook friends. You can also let friends know what their share of the bill is via email. The app splits bills evenly or can make adjustments if some of those who are sharing the expense need to pitch in more than others. The app presents a summary along with a record of all shared expenses.

If you used Billmonk in the past, you'll want to try BillPin, which also offers a free Billmonk backup service.

BillPin supports many currencies, including BitCoin. The BillPin iOS app syncs with BillPin online expense sharing.

Settle Up: Group Expense Manager

Split bills on your iOS device with Settle Up.
BIOPORT Software Labs, s.r.o.

Settle Up! bill splitting and IOU track app for iOS costs a little more than others mentioned in this series, but some of the screens show more at-a-glance information that makes it worth two dollars.

This app is great for splitting the cost of family parties, rent and other bills with roommates or for when a group of co-workers pitch in for a gift.

Some of the hand features are sending a snapshot of bills to group members, multiple currency support and is available in many languages, summaries for each person that shows what they owe and what they've paid so far.

Settle Up works on your iPhone and other devices locally, but has cloud sync in case you want to use it on multiple devices (there's also an Android app).