Specialty Niche Lead Generation Websites for Real Estate

The vast majority of real estate agents in the residential niche are all using the Web the same way.  They create a do-it-all website and create content and navigation about their market, services, listings, and real estate topics.  There's nothing wrong with this approach, but most of these sites are pretty useless for massive amounts of lead generation.

The Specialty Niche Lead Site Concept

Websites for Leads

Now that it's a whole lot less expensive to get hosting space for a website, often under $5/month, there is another approach that is proving to be a major improvement in real estate website lead generation.  It's creating niche single purpose websites.  That single purpose is generating a specific lead type.

It's a little like creating a separate niche site for condos or for commercial, but it's much more focused than that.  We're going to look at these types of niche single purpose lead generation sites:

  • Seller leads by offering free home valuations.
  • Buyer leads from open houses.
  • First time buyer leads.
  • Buyer and Seller leads by offering market reports.
  • IDX focused lead sites for buyers and sometimes sellers.

Let's look at each of these single purpose sites for technique and goals.

Getting Seller Leads with a Home Valuation Offer Website

Home Valuations for Leads
Jim Kimmons

 Many of us are already offering a free valuation or CMA somewhere on our websites with a form to get the name and email address of prospective sellers.  It works, but we want to think about a single purpose website of just a very few pages totally focused on the offer and the motivations of site visitors.

It uses these few all above-the-fold pages to make the offer, get their address, and then get some very quick-to-enter property information.  It has a single focus, but it's more than that.  You can market this site with its own unique domain name through social site ads and even PPC if you want.  You target homeowners, as you can do with a Facebook ad, and you get the very best prospects directed to a destination just for them.

Buyer Leads from Open Houses

Real Estate Open House

There are actually two different sites you can use together to get more buyer leads from your open houses.

  1. Open House Announcement:  This is a very small site, just two pages in most cases.  The home page announces the open house and address, and it's nice to have a countdown timer to spur urgency.  It asks for the visitor to make an appointment or tell them you're coming, so they give you contact information.
  2. Open House Check-in Site:  This is after they arrive, and it is presented on your sign-in table instead of a paper or book sign-in sheet.  It is another small site focused on getting their contact information, but also more info about the type of home they'er looking for.  In today's mobile high tech world, it grabs the attention of the buyers and you'll be surprised how they will take the 5 short minutes to use it.

If you're going to do open houses, consider these sites for more buyer leads. 

First Time Buyer Leads

First Time Home Buyers
Jim Kimmons

This site uses two or three short pages to address the unique needs of the first time home buyer.  They have questions and concerns unique to this first purchase decision.  This is another case where you can use Facebook or other ads to zero in on a very specific audience and offer them exactly what they need at a unique focused site.

The key here is to offer extra help and guidance to address their unique first time buyer questions and concerns.  Then draw them to the site and you'll get your leads.

Offering Market Reports - Everybody Likes Them

Real Estate Market Report

My offerings of market reports on my website generated buyers, sellers, investors and even appraisers contacted me.  The local newspaper asked me to send them regular updates and gave me credit when they used my numbers in articles.

Offering your latest market report, usually sold property prices and characteristics, will appeal to every prospect type.  Again, using a focused single purpose site for this allows you to target your prospects with ads and take them to a site that specifically addresses their needs. 

IDX is Your Best Lead Resource

Real Estate IDX Search
Jim Kimmons

 Last, but certainly not least, your IDX search function can be your very best lead generator.  If you're thinking that you already have this on your site and it really doesn't send you many leads, here are some reasons:

  • You're requiring registration to search.  Visitors leave to find a site that doesn't.
  • You have no upgraded features to offer for registration.  This is about offering features like saving searches and email alerts.  They will sign up to get these enhancements.

More than 90% of people surveyed say that they go to real estate websites with the main goal of searching listings.  This is your single greatest resource for leads.  Market it as a place to "find all local real estate listings."  People prefer to "find" rather than to "search for."

Do-It-Yourself or Turnkey Solution?

Niche Real Estate Lead Sites
Jim Kimmons

DISCLAIMER:   I am a freelance writer, and I know about this turnkey solution because I do marketing writing for WebsiteBox.  I am paid only for the writing I do on their website and marketing, and NOT for this article.  I also receive no other incentives for sales of their products.  I simply know about them and my goal at this site is to help real estate agents to market their businesses.  This is a solution they have available.

WebsiteBox Niche LeadSites provide turnkey single purpose websites for lead generation as discussed here.

Should any other vendor offer these type of sites as a turnkey product, please contact me and I'll be happy to write about your offerings.