10 Benefits To Executing An Outstanding Special Event

How To Differentiate Your Events Business From The Compeition

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Understandably, the question many companies ask themselves prior to organizing a special event, particularly a first event, is does the event have the potential to deliver a real and measurable return on investment?

(Whether you’re planning an event for your events business or for your client’s business, these benefits go beyond the special event itself.)

Ultimately, that is for each event planner to decide based on a number of criteria relevant to their own particular circumstances but many short sighted organizations look solely at the direct cost of staging the event.

While there are, of course, immediate benefits to be gained from your event (we’ll look at those too) it’s a mistake to think in such narrow terms.

In fact, the business case to execute an outstanding special event goes far beyond these basic numbers and indeed the event itself in isolation, as we’ll illustrate now. But, first, a look at 10 benefits to be had right off the bat:

10 Benefits To Execute an Outstanding Special Event

  1. Raise your company profile – differentiate yourself from your competition in the eyes of your customers and potential customers. Re-connect with existing customers and cultivate new contacts.
  2. Attract more sponsors – be sure to invite potential sponsors to your even (incentivise with a free ticket) and prime them for forthcoming events.
  3. Raise money – through the sale of tickets, food, auctions, competitions, and draws.
  4. Recruitment – an opportunity to recruit staff, possibly from the competition.
  1. Form strategic relationships – many business relationships that endure for years are formed from meetings at special events.
  2. Raise brand awareness – promote your product or event services and raise the profile of your brand above that of your competition.
  3. Collect data –collect crucial data such as contact details of potential clients through a seamless registration process.
  1. Enthusiasm – a well-run and memorable event will re-kindle enthusiasm for your brand, your product or service, and your event company.
  2. Free media exposure – be sure to involve the local media in your event, the publicity is invaluable.
  3. Collect market intelligence – with a large number of like-minded attendees at your special event it’s the ideal opportunity to gather market intelligence with regard to your product or service and get the lowdown on what your competition is up to!

The benefits your event business or your client realizes from a successful special event can extend well beyond the event itself. This is something that is often overlooked by purely considering the short term benefits when it comes to WHY you’re planning a special event, so be sure to factor longer term benefits into your event strategy and thinking.

Longer Term Benefits After Your Special Event

Here are some areas you can concentrate on, with timescales, to keep the momentum going after your special event:

24 Hours after – (email/ social media) announce contest winners and ask for feedback on the event.

48-72 Hours after  – (email/ social media) post a video from the event, engage attendees by posting their photos or asking them to post them, post your speakers’ presentations on Slideshare,  post Blog posts about the event and media feedback.

(within) 7 Days after – (phone, email, social media) contact attendees for feedback (again) and circulate “thank yous”.

14 Days after – (email/ social media) respond to attendees’ feedback (privately if appropriate).

2 Months after (and leading to your next event) – (email/ social media) release blog entries and relevant press coverage, ask contacts to join a newsletter, send save the date messages

It’s crucial to think of the bigger picture when deciding what benefits your events business will reap. As one event leads into the next and gives you the ideal opportunity to keep clients happy, have consistent and regular contact with your marketplace. It’s absolutely the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition and ensures that your company is unquestionably the go-to organization for your event clients.