Navy Enlisted Rating Descriptions and Qualification Factors

Sonar Technician - Surface (STG)

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STGs are operators and electronics technicians responsible for keeping sonar systems and equipment in good operating condition on surface ships such as frigates, minesweepers, destroyers, cruisers or at remote locations throughout the world. They are responsible for underwater surveillance, and aid in safe navigation and search and rescue operations. They use sonar to detect, analyze and locate targets of interest.

The duties performed by STGs include:

  • Operate sonar sensors for detection and classification of contacts;
  • Operate underwater fire control systems;
  • Identify sounds produced by surface ships, torpedoes, submarines, evasion devices, sonar transmissions, marine life and natural phenomena;
  • Analyze, interpret and report all acoustic data;
  • Identify the characteristics, functions and effects of controlled jamming and evasive devices on sonar operations;
  • Prepare and interpret sonar messages;
  • Maintain charts and plots;
  • Operate tape recorders, bathythermographs and fathometers, computer localization subsystems and data entry terminals;
  • Recognize major equipment malfunctions during sensor operations;
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on sonar equipment and underwater fire control systems including use of general purpose test equipment;
  • Identify electronic components on schematics and tracing major signal flow;
  • Use hand tools and portable power tools;
  • Operate underwater communications equipment.

Working Environment

STGs usually work indoors in clean, shop like environments and computer equipment rooms. They work closely with others and require little supervision.

A-School (Job School) Information

San Diego, CA --61 calendar days

ASVAB Score Requirement: AR + MK EI + GS = 222

Security Clearance Requirement: Secret

Other Requirements

Normal hearing required. Frequencies: 3000hz 4000hz 5000hz 6000hz Average hearing threshold level in these four frequencies must be less than 30db, with no level greater than 45db in any one frequency. If hearing level exceeds these limits, the applicant is enlistment ineligible for the rating. Minimum auditory requirements: Cycles/ISO 500/35, 1000/30, 8000/45.

Sub-Specialties Available for This Rating: Navy Enlisted Classification Codes for STG

Current Manning Levels for This Rating: CREO Listing

Note: Advancement ( promotion ) opportunity and career progression are directly linked to a rating's manning level (i.e., personnel in undermanned ratings have greater promotion opportunity than those in overmanned ratings).

Sea/Shore Rotation for This Rating

  • First Sea Tour: 54 months
  • First Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Second Sea Tour: 36 months
  • Second Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Third Sea Tour: 36 months
  • Third Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Fourth Sea Tour: 36 months
  • Forth Shore Tour: 36 months

Note: Sea tours and shore tours for sailors that have completed four sea tours will be 36 months at sea followed by 36 months ashore until retirement.

Much of the above information courtesy of the Navy Personnel Command

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