Social Media Writing: 5 Outlets

How to get into social media writing for freelance writers.
How to get into social media writing for freelance writers.

So many writers want to work in social media and digital marketing. It may be because these fields are growing and lucrative, or because writers are attracted to the challenge of composing text that fits in 140 spaces or perfectly matching a nuanced message to an awesome Pinterest graphic. Whatever the reason, social media is a hot genre for today’s freelance writers. And why not? Writers are specifically positioned to do well in the genre; who better to get the message across than a writing professional?

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So, if you’re a wordsmith looking to get onboard in the field, your question is probably how? Following are five ways to write within the social media field.

Use Your Following to Affiliate

As I explained in this recent article on affiliate marketing and social media for freelance writers, you can put your established following to good use. There are (paid) affiliate programs available in many different topics, aimed at many different audiences. I use Boost Insider, and find it refreshing to write about things like fitness, beauty products and the latest apps for my established social networks. When those in my social networks express interest in the product I’m reviewing, I’m paid for the introduction.

Offer Social Media Writing Services as Part of a Large Communications Package

Many freelance writers offer communications services and marketing plans to their clients.

Social media marketing should be a part of any communications plan. Express to your clients the importance of wrapping their social media marketing into their larger marketing and communications plan, as this presents a seamless, unified front.

Offer Social Media Writing Services as a Standalone Service

Of course, not every client can be convinced that their social media posts and content should be part of a larger marketing plan.

And, it’s true that sometimes communications, publicity, marketing and other writing needs are already being covered—for example, they may be done in-house. In this case, don’t hesitate to come onboard as solely a social media writer. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door!

Convince Them to Go Freelance

Another way to get in with a client as a social media writer is to peruse open full time positions for social media management. Often, these companies, sites and organizations may be convinced that this is a project better handled by a freelance writer. After all, social media is highly text-based—who better to handle it than a writer? And, as you and I know, hiring a freelancer is often a better bet.

Promote Your Own Products and Work

If you don’t specifically have a paid outlet for your social media writing goals, you can still get some practice in and make some money by using social media to promote your own work. For example, let’s say some of your blog work income is based on traffic and readers. Promote the heck out of it! Send potential readers to your site, or convince them to give your e-book a read. You reap the benefits via increased payouts.

Many writers want to work in social media, and have an established following that can be used to do so.

Hopefully these tips have given you an idea of where to start in the lucrative field of social media writing.